December | Day 19 | 2013

Decorated church Church Christmas shopping expedition
AE_DecemberDaily2013Promo After a funeral in the early part of the day I went home to pic up MT from the school bus. Today was our little christmas present shopping expedition. We didn’t have many hours to spend, but most of it got (surprisingly) done(!) After the shopping I went back to work for a few hours to held a service in our ‘barn’ church. I love the colors and the light in here.

In the evening MT gathered up the money he had earned doing a few chores for me and his Grandma (he added a little from his own saving as well) for the class Advent project with focus on giving to other less fortunate and not only getting more self. Love this project.

In the late evening (after MT was in bed so it could be a surprise in the morning) I made the gingerbread dough for our annual gingerbread cookie baking party with our extended family on Friday afternoon. It really was a full day.

Class December Project | December day19 Omvendt julekalender | December day19 Empty and an angel Singing Angel Ginger bread in the making ………………………………..
We are only 30 minutes away from the New Year here at our place. I’m excited for the new year and hope it’ll be a really good one. I’ve decided to finish my December post this time, though, so for a few more days/weeks that is what I’m going to blog.

Thanks for every nice word left here in 2013, they mean a lot to me!
Wish you everything good for 2014; hope to see you around!!

December | Day 18 | 2013

Frozen Pine Tree | December day18
AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoFerdinand and I went for a walk on this low-light, foggy and cloudy day. It was starting to ice over and the fog was thick. Can’t help but think it was a little beautiful also, especially the light and those frozen branches all around us.

In the afternoon MT went with a friend home from school. I fell on the slippery ice and hurt my foot as I was getting ready to drive up to the church for a meeting. Ouch! I ended up canceling our meeting, but an hour later I dared down our icy road to pick up MT. I came both down to his friends house and back up to the farm, but not without sliding. It was really, really slippery.

Walking on Walk Frozen | December day18 Frozen Trees | December day18 Frozen Pine | December day18 Foggy View | December day18 Farm Houses | December day18

Thanks for coming by my blog – I’m catching up here :)

December | Day 17 | 2013

I’m using my day off to chill out in front of the telly + catching up on my December album. It feels really good to have a day all to our selves – just the two of us.

AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoThis tuesday was so filled with meetings and events that I almost completely forgot to get out my camera and catch a little from the day. Thankfully the moon shone so beautifully in the evening as I walked the dog before bed. I know the photo does not do the real thing credit, but it is a little glimpse of the beauty of a moon lit night.

It’s also a reminder of the routine of my day; every night I’m out with the dog, walking a little (or sometimes long) walk around the farm. I’m so glad the dog gets me out of the door, that air do me good :)
Moon Light

Thanks for looking – hope to be back with more soon.

December | Day 16 | 2013

Lots of snow melted today
AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoThis Monday was the day where I felt how the stress of this season catch up with me, I got a few things done around the house, I rested a bit – but most of the day I was grumpy and sorry for my self. It was not pretty. In the evening as we sat down in the sofa (so LOVING having a sofa to sit in – it’s really been too long without one!!) I saw the light from the computer on MT’s face and remembered that we still needed a photo from the day. I might feel a little bit out of sorts, but MT was so happy –> he had no homework to take care of, not until next year. He has been happy about that for days – still are!
Chilling MT | DecDaily day15 In the glowing light | DecDaily day16 Searching | DecDaily day16

As I write this, I feel so much better, I’m working on being totally OK with not getting everything done like I want to and how we usually do things. I might not have the kitchen finished (= my mom’s things packed and our stuff put where I want them) or room to think (or move) in the bedroom (it is filled to the ceiling with boxes, looking forward to move a few of the furniture into other spaces once those spaces are empty) or all my furniture in working order (there are still one sofa up and tables stowed together, I might get some of it moved – but for sure not everything – before the holidays rolls around). BUT I will celebrate it with MT and with our extended family and we will get things in order eventually – and that is what matter when I think long and hard about it. And, honestly, celebrating Christmas is most of all about a little child that once was born that hold the hope of the world. (and very little about clean kitchen, baked cookies and gifts wrapped beautifully (although that is fun things as well, off course!)).

One of my favorite Christmas songs:

Thanks for reading – Happy Advent :D

December | Day 15 | 2013

December tradition

AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoLast year we gifted both of MT’s cousins a visit to a great indoor swimming pool with us + going out for pizza afterwards. We went with one of them this summer and on Sunday we went with the other. Yay! I think they both had some fun. MT did for sure. He loves any visit to the swimming pool, but the perk of bringing one of his favorite cousins along was sure something he really loved. Makes me glad.

I did not take lots of photos, the day was such a wirvle wind of happenings (I do have a couple more that I won’t share here for privacy reasons), but this is a little peak into our day.
In his {happy} element While waiting for our pizza

Thanks for coming by.
Do you have a December tradition that makes for extra happiness?!

December | Day 14 | 2013

Farm House | DecDaily day14

AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoI love Saturdays. They’re my favorite days, even on those where I’m not feeling all that good as I wake up.

Mostly because I get to sleep in and goof around for a while in the morning. But also because that is the only day where both of us are at home. We tend to do a few things together; eat, talk, watch a movie, walk in the woods, take photos and more! In the early afternoon we visited my parents and ate leftover dinner, after MT had spent an hour outside playing in the snow.

MT | DecDaily day14 MT | DecDaily day14 Snowboarding | DecDaily day14 Snowboarding | DecDaily day14 Down the hill | DecDaily day14 Dinner | DecDaily day14

Thanks for looking – wish you a great Advent day!! :)

December | Day 13 | 2013

Sunshine over snow

AE_DecemberDaily2013Promo I really was not inspired to document my day yesterday (as you see I did it anyway, but not with my dSLR) – I am glad I snapped these they tell what I want to remember from this Friday in December:

* the day had lots of sunshine
* the snow is still in place
* I love seeing the tracks of skiing/snowboarding/walking in the snow
* we ate well in the evening; one of MT’s favorite meals
* MT won several times on the numbers he bought
* and I got to sing Christmas songs out loudly

Ski Track Snow track
Hello here we are Tasty Evening

Thanks for coming by – wish you all a blessed weekend!!

December | Day 12 | 2013

Advent light | December day12

AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoThursday morning I made MT hot cacao before he left for school. I wanted to spend a little cozy time with him. The days lately we have been busy and I haven’t been home much and this day was no exception. Right now I wouldn’t mind buying myself some extra time in my day – but still it’ll be all right no matter how much (or little) that gets done this month. Trying to live in the moments and savor the meaningful ones. Those that give something to me and our life.

The hot cacao was a tasty treat to start the day off good.

Light and hot cacao | December day12 Hot cacao | December day12 Angel cup | December day12 Cup of cacao in hand | December day12 The evening I spent with the youths in the church. It became a very nice, relax and fun night with lots of laughter. I liked that so much!

Tasty foodAdvent party Setting the table

I’ve been singing this song (in Swedish) by Carola (and Erik Hillestad) all day long:

So beautiful – hope it’ll give a little light to your Advent day as well. Thanks for coming by.

December | Day 11 | 2013

Getting the skis on | December day11

AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoThis Wednesday morning MT decided that he did not care for walking down to the bus stop and getting his boots filled with snow. He wanted to ski down. And so he did. I’m so proud of him for setting off on the still quite dark morning. He’s on his way gathering K’s for his chart, maybe he’ll get more than 200 K this season?

After that the day was a blur of devotions, meetings, driving, classes and preparing for the services ahead. I would like to say I have control, but that would not be completely true. Hoping for a few quiets days next week to get it all in line.

Booting up | Dece,ber day11 Hands | December day11 MT and his skis | December day11 Ready, set - GO | December day11 Sunny view

It was a beautiful sunshiny day.
Thanks for looking!

December | Day 10 | 2013

MT and friends | December day10

AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoOh, Tuesday, you are so full of work (and school). I spent most of it in church, with several meetings and a service too. I’m no fan of long days, but this week it’s all there is. Gathering strength. In the evening I went to MT’s school to watch the show they put together. It’s good to see how much MT likes his school and to see him together with his friends there. It’s been quite the change for him with our move, but he’s doing so well with it all. Still misses his old class buddies, though, but that is a good thing – he’s lucky to have good friends both there and here!. I have more photos from tonight for my album, but most of them include too many other kids faces…

School Advent show | December day10

Here are a few other glimpses from my day, captured with my phone:

View of the river My view today twinkle light

As always: Thanks for coming by my little blog!
Hope your day is filled with twinkle lights too :D

December | Day 9 | 2013

My view | December day9

Monday is my special day. It’s the day I have most to my self all week long.

AE_DecemberDaily2013Promo It’s the day I relax, get things done, reflect and regroup. I especially like the first part of the day, before the stress of the coming week gets to me. Today I spent a lot of time before the computer, going through my photos from the last few days. Good times.

I went out to walk our dog – and laughed so hard of his love for running fast; he can hardly make the turn as he flees between the two houses on the farm. I brought my camera outside to capture him and a few other glimpses of life and weather right now.

What I loved the most today was having the house to myself. That and the twinkle light. And the snow. For sure the snow, on this side of February I’m all for it.

Wild winter orchard | December day9 Runs like the wind | December day9 Run like the wind | December day9 Snow on the twinkle light | December day9 Snow ball tree | December day9 Snow ball tree | December day9 Twinkle | December day9

Thanks you so much for coming by – wish you a happy day where ever you are!


December | Day 8 | 2013

Happy tree hunter AE_DecemberDaily2013Promo It’s Sunday and MT challenged me to find something fun to do. I did. We went on a Tree Hunting Mission. My first thought were to drive in our car up closer to the mountain, but then the snow made that not so easy. Then I figured that we could go out and look for a tree in the woods around the farm, I was not planning on any chopping – but MT insisted on bringing his ax. He wanted to chop down a tree today(!) So off we went – and after a bit we found the perfect little tree which MT got to chop down and bring with him back to the house.

I’m including a bunch of photos today. Most of them I took with my dSLR before we went on our walk, I did not dare bring my camera on a hike in the snowy woods – so I used my cell phone to snap the photos there. 

MT was right – this was a fun thing to do, and now we have a tree in our kitchen, making it look and feel all the better. There are still plenty of messes around here, but we are for sure on the right track. Twinkling light does help a lot; makes it feel like Christmas instantly!

Ready for tree chopping | December day8 Keeping warm | December day8 Looking down | December day8 Gorgeously you | December day8 Tiny smile | December day8 Big smile | December day8 Our Tree Hunting Story | December day8 Ferdinand | December day8 The Tractor | December day8 Knitting warm The 2 of us Checking out the trees The neighborhoodNo, that won't do Lights | December day8 Bright | December day8A little note: Above I included a photo with the story of our tree hunting mission. I did the wording online in Avery and am not happy with how it turned out – I had so little control over the look of the text – and will do it over in PSE before I print this for my album. It’ll have to do for now, though.

Thank you so much for coming by. Happy Advent!

December | Day 7 | 2013

Coffee and cake at our neighbors | December day7 AE_DecemberDaily2013Promo I spent most of Saturday in bed being sick, my neck threw me a curve ball – like always when I’m trying to stretch myself too much. I had so much that I wanted to do, but had no choice but lay down and let my whole body get some rest. In the early evening I felt better and enjoyed a coffee + cake visit to our new neighbors. Kind of nice having my parents next door (although they still sleeps in this house, this makes a big difference during the day – we just have to fix their TV receptions so they can watch their shows whenever they want to – and they’re good to go!). In the evening MT got tired and went to bed early, leaving me the luxury of alone time in our house for the first time since forever. I really needed that! Looking forward to more in the future.

Christmas Rose Only a couple photos today, this flower we call Christmas Rose and it is so beautiful.

As always – THANKS for coming by – I’ll try my best to keep up with the photos the rest of the month as well. When it comes to the actual album, I might not put it together until after the holiday (if I’m able to do it at all). I try to to put a few things in now and then from our days, though and MT promised to write his annual wish list – I love how he decorates it and treasure that page each year.

We’ll see how it all work, but I’m happy for capturing my moments non the less. See you around! Happy Advent monday :) I’ll be back with my Sunday photos later today.

December | Day 6 | 2013

My favorite santa | December day6 AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoFriday was supposed to be my day off, it was not, but thankfully I got time to do a few of the things I really wanted, like cleaning a little in the kitchen, making hot cacao to MT and watch The Polar Express in the evening. We also helped a little when my brother and his son came to move some of my parents furniture from this house and over to their new house across the lawn. Now things are shaping up around here and this feel a little bit more like home. There are still plenty to do, unpack and move, but this made me feel we are on the right track.

Maybe we are going to be ready for Christmas after all…..
Blue and Red | December day6 Waiting for hot cacao | December day6 Hot cacao | December day6 Santa MT | December day6 Advent tradition

Blue winter sky The fields, the mountain and the sky

Earlier in the day I walked Ferdinand (the dog) and enjoyed a few minutes outside in the beautiful sunshiny weather (it was kind of cold also, it is winter time around here after all) – as I fetched the mail from our mailbox down by the road.

Hope your Advent day was a good one also – thanks for looking – please tell me your favorite Christmas movie, I would love to grow my collection :)

December | day 5 | 2013

Brownies | December day5 AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoThursday was lots and lots of work. I’ve had such low energy this week and this day was no exception; I had to force myself to begin. In the end I got everything done, but I should have gone to bed a little bit earlier to be honest. I worked in the church next to the house we have been living in for 4 years. There was snow and in the afternoon the wind picked up it’s speed. The children told me they almost fell over going out in it. :) When we got home I baked a cake for MT to bring to school on Friday. The last photo was taken after I had cut the cake into square pieces; leftover bits for me to eat for breakfast. Yum.
Trampoline | December day5 At the farm | December day5 By the church | December day5 The Church | December day5 Angel | December day5 Leftover brownies bites | December day5 Thank you so much for stopping by. Happy 2nd Sunday of Advent to all of you.

December | Day 4 | 2013

Coffee and ice cream | DecDaily day4 AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoToday we invited my parents to dinner in the evening. With leftover lamb meat (traditionally eaten for Christmas many places, especially in the western part of Norway), sauce, potatoes and greens. It was seriously tasty and just what we all needed to brighten up a everyday Wednesday evening and getting excited about the season approaching. After dinner we teated ourselves to ice cream with salty nuts and chocolate. Our favorite kind of dessert.

The day were filled with sunshine, with a chill in the air; it is winter.
Living close to the | wood(s) | mean a lot to me #thefarm #thesmallthings #thetreehouseclub #ferdinandthedog Ice Cream Happy | DecDaily day4 Treat | DecDaily day4

I love capturing lots of photos, but not everyday in December needs that – this one had few, but they captured what they needed. Embrace the everyday struggle and savor the happy moments is my mantra these days.

Thanks for coming by to look!!

December | day 3 | 2013

Drawing | DecDaily day3
AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoMonday evening we visited my SIL and MT’s aunt for her birthday, it’s a nice December tradition for us (but this time I did not bring my camera so I forgot to mention it yesterday, ups.) MT had two goals for the visit: hug his aunt for her birthday and get his cousin to straighten his hair. So the photos today are all about him – and his hair. I took this in the evening while we sat down a few minutes, I read to him and he drew. Hope to find some more time to do that later this month. I spent today in my office and had confirmant  class in the afternoon. MT had fun at school with his friends and got dinner from Grandma.

Church Concentrating | DecDaily day3 The hair | DecDaily day3 Cool | DecDaily day3

Not easy to get a smile from him these days, I guess he’s too cool for that ;)
Have a nice Advent day – THANKS for coming by!

December | day 2 | 2013

Candle | DecDaily day2

AE_DecemberDaily2013Promo I love Mondays. They are usually my day off from work, so I get to do some of the stuff that piles up on my to-do list – but I also give myself permission to do something that is relaxing and gives energy. Today I finally got out of the house and took a walk in the sunshine. It made me happy – and Ferdinand, our dog, was happy also. Often times I miss our walks by the river, but having the sun shine on our house all winter long more than makes up for that. In the evening we lit our Advent candle and ate dinner together, just me and the kid. Loved that. It’s one of the things I miss since living here with my parents.

Sunshine | DecDaily day2 Farm House | DecDaily day2 Blue mountains view | DecDaily day2 Path | DecDaily day2 Pine | DecDaily day2 Fir | DecDaily day2 Pile | DecDaily day2

At the end of the woods Shine

Thanks for looking at my day. Hope to see you soon! Have a nice Advent day.

December | day 1 | 2013

Hello December | DecDaily day1

AE_DecemberDaily2013Promo I’m always good at beginnings, not always so good to follow through, but I can’t stop wanting to do a December Daily album this year no matter how messy and unpacked our life are right now. (And also even though I haven’t finished the last year(s). Yet!) So here are my photos from December 1st; one random kitchen shot of MT and then the rest of them from our annual Service of Light in the church and the lighting of the town Christmas tree that followed. When we got home we were met with 3 elks; amazing animals they are. In the evening I took a purple selfie in the mirror; I was here too.

Winter sunshine | DecDaily day1Light in darkness | DecDaily day1 Across the bridge | DecDaily day1 The tree is lit | DecDaily day1 Funny | DecDaily day1

December | self |

Outdoor lightsElk family

Thanks for looking, hopefully I’ll be by with more photos soon. Happy December!!


Digital Scrapbooking | Sep 2013

The first layouts with the new files at The Daily Digi is up on their site, and here is the layout I made. I love his many faces. This time I told him to show me – and so he did a beautiful autumn day many years ago. I created the collage online at picmonkey . SUPEReasy!

Stay true to you!
Stay true to you How I love this face | Credits: papers and elements from Shine by Litabells designs (part of The Digi Files from September 2013) | font: American typewriter

Thanks for looking. Wish you all a good weekend!

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Hello Fall!

I went outside, but had to go back in to find a thicker sweater, for even though there were a little bit sunshine, there were also lots of clouds and a chill wind. September is here.

self | september 1
Sitting for a little moment by my self on the front stair @thefarm.
Me and my coffee. My favorite spot.

Embracing that fall is upon us. Hoping it’ll be warm, long and colorful.
What are your hopes for the new season?

Wishing everyone a blessed + beautiful month!


Digital Scrapbooking | Aug 2013

We are at the last day of the month again. I’m snapping a few photos for my DAY IN THE LIFE project, but had to take it easy this month. Life has been full and the moving houses is taking it’s toll on me. Some days I feel like I’m not going to manage to get it done, other times it feels like it’s almost manageable. There is just so much going on.

Thankfully MT have a good time at his new school and have already gotten new friends to hang out with. I love that! I’m not that happy about living with my parents for the next month or so, but we’ll manage and it will be so nice to live next door to them in the future. So, to wrap it up: life is GOOD, but not without bumps in the road.

I have a few layouts to share – and scrapbooking puts a smile on my face, hopefully on yours as well – it’s the last day to buy the files for the month of August. (If you read this a little bit late, don’t worry, the files for September are lovely too!!) (And if you are new to this whole digi file thing, jump over to The Daily Digi and read all about it!)

..and in a door; kindergarten
yippi kindergarte, here I come
This one below is from MT’s first day in kindergarten, August 2006. He was so eager and silly all the way there, and so ready for learning and playing.

So ready! Credits: papers and elements from Twilight by Gina Miller | Font: Arial Black

I just love the color of this kiwi, and it tasted delicious too. Perfect on a hot summer day.

Kiwi love Credits: alpha, papers and elements from Summer Blossoms by Wimpychomper Creations | font: Georgia | Words: I think this will be the summer of kiwi. For some odd reason I haven’t been buying it for years, but this June of 2013 I did and it was delicious.

Thanks for looking. Hope to see you around!
Wishing you all a wonderful and colorful fall season!

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Summer in August | Day 6, 7, 8 & 9

Summer in August | Day 6

Today’s rain storm was a heavy one, I experienced it mostly from the inside, with a few moments outside in it here and there during the day. This barn (of sorts) right by our current house (we are moving soon) has been a favorite to photograph. I think it is the color. And the stairs. It got to be the stairs.

Notes from August 6th above, and this is what I shot and wrote on August 7th:

Summer in August | Day 7

Our living room furniture as it looks right now before we move to the farm. Loving how the sunshine comes in through the windows, I love light. Wondering how everything is going to look in my childhood house – with my furniture in it instead of my parents stuff.

On August 8th I was back at the farm again for a few days (MT stayed put at the farm while I went back to the other house and while I worked this week):

He wanted to show of his mad radio helicopter steering skills. I loved to watch.

Summer in August | Day 8

And then there were Friday, August 9th, a really beautiful day! We spent the afternoon down by the red currant bushes:

I decided that we needed to take advantage of the sunshine and good weather by doing things that need to be done out of doors. So I told MT he had to fill a bucket of red currants. It was a long process – but we finished with two filled buckets. (But next time, please remind me of the many hours that comes after this – to make the berries ready for freezing or jam making. I had sadly forgotten). Next time I should use sun protection though, I got burned by the sun after hours out in it. It is still summer and the sun is still strong!

Summer in August | Day 9

I have more photos to share later on. Keep your eyes on the Summer in August category and please do share (in words or with a link to photos) how your Summer in August looks like (and if you do have winter where you are, share that!).

I’m doing my best to keep the summer feeling for as long as I can until fall takes over (and then I’ll do my best to embrace that).

Happy weekend!!

Mom’s yellow flowers

Mom's yellow flowers Mom' yellow flowers | 3 Mom's yellow flowers | 2 Mom' yellow flowers | 1 Mom's yellow flowers | 5

My mom says that these flowers almost always gets knocked down by wind and rain right after they bloom. I think she is right. This year it only took a few nights before most of them were closer to the ground than the sky. So glad I got this little collection of photos before that. It was rain in the air, and windy too, as I shot them. Guess I was right on time.

Yellow makes me happy.

Summer i August | Day 3, 4 & 5

I’m so happy about this project. It makes me stop at least once during my day to snap one or a few photos. They are not all instant favorites, but together they’ll tell a story about how our August of 2013 went down. At least the best part of it. Here are three more days in photos:

August 3rd:

Summer in August | day 3

This was a rainy day, we even got a thunderstorm going to and from.

August 4th:

Summer in August | day 4

A relaxed Sunday (I may have slept until it no longer could be called morning). After dinner we went out to the lake, on the way out I snapped a few photos of me in the mirror + camera (it was a little too dark in there though). I love this project of mine, making it easier to remember to pick up my camera at least once every day this month (I have decided to savor summer and enjoy August no matter the weather!)

August 5th:

Summer in August | Day 5

The plan was to get a good shot of this branch and flowers, but it was too windy and all you can see are some green spots to the right. Instead I got (by accident) a photo of MT helping his Grandpa; which I loved so much more!

I’m still plugging around, with more photos to share later on. Keep your eyes on the Summer in August category and please do share (in words or with a link to photos) how your Summer in August looks like (and if you do have winter where you are, share that!). I’m doing my best to keep the summer feeling for as long as I can until fall takes over (and then I’ll do my best to embrace that).

Sunday Thoughts | Aug 11th

SummerColors | Blue

She put her water jar down. Suddenly everything was different. She had gone out to the well in the middle of the day with her head held low. She didn’t want to see the looks the villagers gave her. Alone, carrying her life, her shame and everything that hadn’t turned out how she had dreamt it should. But now, now she had met him. He that saw right through it all and with kind words told her the truth. His words had set her free. They showed her a love so different from what she had ever experienced before.

He had asked for a drink from her water jar, even though he was a man and she was a woman, even though he was a jew and she a samaritan. It was not how things should be. She had tried to look the other way as she approached the well, but now she found herself deep in talk with him.

His word touched her. Who was he?

She put her water jar down and went back into the village. For once she dared to look the others in their eyes, she had so much to tell them. She had to tell them about him that change her life only moments before. No one had talked like him. For the first time in ages she felt loved for whom she really was, with all her wounds and scars. She shouted it out as soon as she came into the gate. They looked at her and saw how changed she was. Together they went out to the well.

Her words had moved them. Could he be the Messiah?

She put her water jar down and the whole village got to meet him. He said he could give living water. That he could quench their thirst. They asked him to stay for a while, they wanted to talk with him and listen to him. His words changed them too.

They looked at the woman with loving eyes now. Understanding that they did wrong in judging her, seeing that they too had things to answer for in their own lives.

She walked with the other women to the well in the mornings now. His words about the living water had set them free. They believed he was sent from God. His name was Jesus.

………………………………….  read more in John chapter 4 ………………………………..

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Digital Scrapbooking | Aug 2013

New digital files are added to the Daily Digi and i got to work with them early as part of the team. I scrapbook all kinds of things, especially everyday life kind of stuff and this time I was inspired by this photo below, snapped with my iPhone as I took a little break from a busy day at work. Water is my friend when I need to refresh.

15. From above.
Beauty in Everything Words: It was just a glass of water in the middle of a long work day. I enjoyed it outside, even though the sun had decided to hide behind the clouds. I needed to clear my head a little. I needed open space. As I sat there on the bench getting a grip on my self I looked down and saw the beauty of this regular glass, the water – and my hand holding it. I loved the brown of the wood, I loved the gold on my nails and I loved the shine of the water. So I did as I usually do: I picked up my phone and tried as best as I could to capture it all. (words & photo: 15. june 2013) | Credits: template from Sun-Drenched by Amber Morrison | papers and elements from Beauty in Everything by Meghan Mullens (both from the digi files for august 2013) | font: DJB LIZ

Thanks for looking. See you around! Wishing you all a wonderful summer in August!

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In the stillness

Breathe and be still

Have you ever had that moment where you suddenly are overwhelmed by feeling truly grateful, content and happy with your life? As if you suddenly started to breath again after holding your breath too long.

I felt that moment yesterday. Being by myself in the house, making something to eat, thinking a cup of coffee would be nice – and then I was there – filled with the knowledge: no matter how ruff some of my days are, I do live a pretty amazing life.

I relaxed took a deep breath and savored the moment feeling so grateful for all that is good and beautiful in me and around me.

I’ve discovered that moments like this needs me to be still, to slow down, to take time to feel, to reflect and to see me as the Creator sees me. Sometimes that is the hardest thing to  do. But when I do I never regret it. I really needed it now; I’ve been feeling down lately, weighted down with the messes of my life.

I need to remember this, to cherish the breaks, to lift my head up and not only focus on the troubling stuff. I need to remember to breathe and take in the love that God is sending my way. Like sunshine streaming through the window after a rainy day.

For I am loved for being here and for being me.

You are as well! This is me giving you permission to take a little break today, to breath freely and slow down. You are loved for being here and being you; don’t ever forget that!

Breathe + knitting project

Summer in August

Summer in August | day 1
Tonight I went for my evening walk with my dog (Ferdinand) and was pleased with the warmth of the night and the summerly sound of grasshopper in the fields. I’m all for this kind of summer in August!

Inspired by Susannah Conway‘s August Break project – mixed with my own need to embrace and savor the summer feeling – I’m enbarcing on a photography project for this month. The goal is to search up Summer in August (as it looks here in Norway in 2013).

So far I’ve done good and captured both of the days with a summery feel, I’m not sure I can promise to keep that up all month long, but I will try! I’ve strugled with August in the past, this year I want to celebrate it no matter the weather or the messes (we are moving houses; help!) (Wish me luck!)

Above is the photo from August 1st. Here are the words:

The boys (MT and a friend of his) convinced me that a trip to the lake was in order. I hesitated for a while, there was things to do, but realized what a good idea it was. Especially for me trying to embrace Summer in August, not thinking too much about fall and winter and cold weather(!). And it was so nice to get out of the house and do something together.
I got to swim too. Hurray for summer not over yet :D

Here is the photo from August 2nd:

Summer in August | day 2

E slept over and they ate breakfast while watching cartoons. They are such good boys; and I’m so happy MT got to spend a little bit more time with his friends before we move!

Please share your favorite Summer in August in the comments. I’d love to see!

Hello August!

I’m not all that sure I love you, but I’m giving it my best shot. Please be more warm than cold, though, I do not care for the chill in the weather we’ve been having in the evenings lately. I’m all for summer warmth staying with us for as long as possible. I promise to embrace whatever you’ll send in our way, but I want to add that I’ve always thought of August as a summer month too – so this is me hoping it will be!

To celebrate the start of a new summer month I surprised my self with taking a bath in the lake. It was cold, but not unbearable cold. And it felt good. Nice.

MT have a friend staying over tonight. They are going to miss each other so much once school start and they’ll attend different schools, but we’ll do our best to help them stay in touch. Staying mates even thought they no longer are class-mates!

I’m back at work, it’s alright – but I wish I could have as long vacation as MT – then I maybe would have been more eager to start working again. Now it’s more like: “bummer is the vacation weeks over already?! Can I please have a few more?” Not that I don’t like my work, I do, it’s only I like how we are when we both have our days off. When we really have time to talk, to laugh, to read, to walk, to document, to explore, to be, to build – and I could go on and on. You get the picture.

This summer have been about the move, not only our move – in fact more about my parents move – they are moving back to the house I lived in as a child and MT and I are moving into the house I lived in as a teenager (and where my parents live now). There is a lot of work. A. lot. of. work. Thankfully my brother and family helps as well. Maybe there is a chance we will be able to move our stuff from this house to the farm before August is over. Wish us luck!!

After all this rambling – I’m leaving with a couple of photos taken for July’s day in the life documentation. I’m not finished uploading them to instagram just yet, but when I am I’m going to share more of the day with you. (Here is how I documented June Day In The Life.)
[2 PM] #dayinthelife | me in the mirror [6 PM] #dayinthelife | No thank you

Thanks for stopping by: Wishing everyone a good August – with a warm summery feel (that last part is mostly for us in the northern hemisphere(!) we so need it before winter rolls around again – not that I want to think about winter now. It. Is. Summer. So there..).


Digital Scrapbooking | July 2013

It’s the last day of the month again. July have been a really good month with summer vacation and time with family (we didn’t travel, but I had several weeks off work which was fantastic). The weather this month has been superb, just like the summers of my dreams with sun most days and only a few clouds on a blue sky. Yes!! We so needed that after years of rainy summers!

Anyhow, I want to share with you a couple of Digital Scrapbook layouts done for the Daily Digi with the files for this month. I’m a part of the team there. These days I don’t scrapbook much else, but being a part of the team get me scrapping at least two each and every month.

Firstly a layout made with photos I shot at the lake (I love the reflecting surface!!) around this time last year. I knew I needed the photos to be big for this one.
Reflection in the lake detail | evening by the lake July Favorite | Tired evening by the lake Credits: papers and elements from Coconut Tree by Sara Gleason (part of the digi files of July 2013); template by Yin Designs; font: Courier New and Orator Std | We decided to stop by the lake when we got home, even though it was quite late. The evening was a beautiful one – and when it’s summer the evenings are light and sweet – better take advantage of them before we’ll move into August! (July 27th 2012) | And in the end, when the evening has been there long enough one gets really, really tired even of having fun. That’s when we head back home. Another day by the lake is over.

Secondly I have this layout below, written in Norwegian so MT can read it right away.
Well Played well played Credits: template from Lazy days of summer by Rainy Days designs; papers and element by 95 days of summer fun by Sara Jones designs (both as part of the digi files of July 2013); font: hello and skinny by amy tan | The words is about: I’m so proud of MT for how he is a real team player when it comes to soccer. Today he passed the ball to his friend instead of trying to make a goal all by himself. I heard one of the adults standing by the arena saying: “I would never have passed the ball to another player there” – and I felt even prouder for MT for his team spirit and his way of giving his friend the moment in the spotlight!

That was all I had to share this time. August is right around the corner and soon new designers and new kits will be revealed at the daily digi – and new layouts for me to share here. Wishing you all a wonderful summer in August!

Thanks for looking. See you around!

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The River Walks

Rain Boots
As the moving date gets closer I’m starting to notice the things that I truly will miss about living here among the threes. One thing is the people I will miss – but thankfully many of those I’ll keep contact with through my work (that remains the same as it as been). We’ll also try to keep in contact with MT’s close friends and their families.

Now, there are other things to this place that we don’t have at the farm: THE RIVER!

The river is just a few steps down from our house and I LOVE WALKING by it in the evening with our dog, walking in the forest behind our farm is nice, but it’s not the same, it’s something else entirely.

I’ll miss the sound of the running water.
I’ll miss the damp smell in the air as I get closer to it.
I’ll miss the mist and fog that surrounds it so often at night.
I’ll miss noticing if there are little, normal or a lot of water in the river.
I’ll miss the many colors of blue.
I’ll miss walking by it every day.
I’ll miss this as a place to find peace and stillness when I needed it most.

We are moving to a place that is dear to us – but there are always something that we leave behind that we would like to bring with us. For MT it is his friends (off course), for me it is the river. This also fills me with GRATITUDE – we had it there for a while and it meant a whole lot to us. The future will hold new great things that will mean the world to us – and sweet old memories that made us who we are.

The river walks


Digital Scrapbooking | June 2013

I can hardly understand it, but this is the last day of the month – how did it get here this fast?! As usual I want to share with you a couple of Digital Scrapbook layouts done for the Daily Digi with the files for this month. I’m a part of the team there, thankfully! These days I don’t scrapbook much else, but being a part of the team I get to scrap at least two each and every month.

This one was prompted by some disturbing news about the house we are renting and thoughts about the future, not all changes are bad ones – even though it didn’t look good in the beginning! But, off course, they take some time getting used too:
Credits: Papers and elements from Changes by Cilenia Curtis (as part of The Digi Files of June 2013), fonts: Soymilk and American Typewriter

The kits theme inspired me to look for beach photos and I found this gem from 2009:
sandy bliss
credits: papers and elements from Sal de Mar by Studio Vi Va Artistry (as part of the digi files for June 2013), font: American Typewriter

Since I did not post my layouts in May, I’ll add them here – the kits are now not for sale at the daily digi but they can be found in the designers own stores for individual purchases.

Favorite instagram photos from the lake last year:
By The Lake
credits: papers and elements from Modern Mama by Miss Mint, font is Curier New

Spring flowers and spring thoughts:
spring thoughts
credits: papers and elements from Be Awesome by Libby Pritchett, font is Courier New

That was all I had to share this time. July is right around the corner and soon new designers and new kits will be revealed at the daily digi – and new layouts for me to share here. Wishing you all a wonderful summer!

Thanks for looking. See you around!

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Day In The Life 2013 |

Day In The Life | June

We spent the day at the farm and I decided that my iPhone 5 camera, VSCO CAM app to edit and the Instagram app to share using the hashtag (#) dayinthelife, would do the trick. I shared38 images during the day, grouped together as morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening and night. My morning was not all that early, but then my night was a late one! Here are my favorites, you can find all of them in my DAY IN THE LIFE Flickr set. If you want to read a few words about the photo(s), please click on it/them – or just let the photo themselves tell the story this time. Thanks for looking!

[morning] #dayinthelife | Watering [morning] #dayinthelife | Tomato [morning] #dayinthelife | Favorites [morning] #dayinthelife | Morning Meal [morning] #dayinthelife | Coffee Maker

[mid-day] #dayinthelife | Coffee [mid-day] #dayinthelife | Break [mid-day] #dayinthelife | Hello

[afternoon] #dayinthelife | Carrying [afternoon] #dayinthelife | Smile [afternoon] #dayinthelife | Grandpa's hat [afternoon] #dayinthelife | Growing [afternoon] #dayinthelife | From Where I Stand

[evening] #dayinthelife | The veggies [evening] #dayinthelife | Eat [evening] #dayinthelife | My mama

[night] #dayinthelife | Laughter [night] #dayinthelife | MT & Grandpa [night] #dayinthelife | On My Evening Walk [night] #dayinthelife | Mountains [night] #dayinthelife | Good Night
I really enjoyed snapping my day with the phone, so easy and instant. Not that I want every month to look like this, I love to use my big camera for this project, but every once in a while it works well to go the phone app way. How about you? Did you join in this month? Or maybe you want to be a part of it next moth? Please share in the comments – I already look forward to the next edition, I love how this project capture our life as it is lived this year (and hope to have up a few more posts with photos, because I have been snapping all year and have all the months covered).

Inspired by Ali Edwards and her approach to capture one day each month for a snapshot of her life this year. At her blog you also can find links to other participants from all over the world. Here are links to my DAY(s) IN THE LIFE of 2013:

jan | feb | mar | apr | may | jun | jul | aug | sep | oct | nov | dec

In the middle of June

Snapshots of our life from the last week.

CloudyBlueBreakfast outside Walking Happy MT 15. From above. The path Golden flowers Blossoming14. TextureKiwi!Delicious kiwi + new phone = bliss I bought a new phone (me without a phone camera was too sad, and this camera rocks!). Life is mostly good and right now the sun is shining. I’ve sort of started my vacation, but I have at least one more thing to do at work before I can fully enjoy it :D

MT brought his bike to school today, I had to follow him because he has not got his bike license yet – I really like that the school trains the 10-year olds in traffic rules and such before they are allowed to bike to and from school – although I wish they would have done it sooner so MT could bike to school more than once, since his last day before summer is tomorrow! Oh, well, he has friends to visit too…. Hopefully he’ll return riding his bike with a shiny new bike license in his hand!

I’ve baked a cake (to bring to school for a gathering), but I think I’ve lost the touch. I’m not sure if I dare bring it – I’ll let MT taste it and see what he’ll say in the matter, though. If I only could bring a salad, I’m good with those!

Wishing you a happy and sun filled June!


This is just a little test. Don’t mind me.

Faeroe Island Bound | day 1

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