Right now


It’s icy and foggy and dark outside. I’m inside drinking my coffee. Trying to stay focused at tasks at hand. Missing the sunny days of summer like crazy. Made sure that I choose the cup with yellow stripes. Gathering energy where I can. Colours makes me happy.

Only one short week and Advent season is upon us. I’m not feeling it. Later today we are going to rehearse for the light service we always have at our church on the first Sunday of Advent. I love working with the youths, preparing who’s going to read what and how we’re going to do the candle light procession this year. Lots of thinking and preparing behind me and before me. It’s going to be good.

Fighting the darkness the only way that really works: by light.

Spread light

And colors.
Have a blessed Tuesday!

Digital Scrapbooking | Nov 2015

Water Colors Dec Daily 15 - a start

As I slowly enjoy the process of preparing my December Daily album; thinking forward to a season of light & joy, everyday life & hardship, faith & hope, I wanted to share a couple of layouts I made for The Daily Digi with this months digi files.

In The Mirror Credits: papers and elements from Bounty of Blessings by Just Because Studio

On Wednesday we went to the forest in the early evening to pick some wild blueberries. You helped a little. Then you went on to watch our dog and snap photos . I love it when you pick up my camera and I love to see what you find and how you frame your photos. This one is my absolute favorite of all the photos you took. Taken in the car as you waited for me to finish up. Love how you captured the light and yourself in the mirror.

Read More credits: papers and elements from Reading by Megan’s Creations. template from Fuss Free: Double Time 8 by fiddle-dee-dee designs. font: Arsenale White

I’ve always had a love for reading. For words. For stories. For learning something new. Nothing like being swept off my feet and into a story after a heavy day of work.

I’ve laughed out loud. I’ve cried. Ive been deeply touched. I’ve been angry. I’ve felt for the little guy. I’ve cheered on the hero. I’ve felt how it is to fall in love. I’ve felt how sorrow creeps into every part of our being. All from fantastic writers and books. Some have been popular and on the bestseller list. Some have been hidden gems. Off course many of the books have not been that perfectly good. But I don’t care much, there are very few books I haven’t read through because I really didn’t like them.

Mostly I read at least five books at a time. I’m not sure why, I’ve done it for years. It might be because I’m so curious of this new book I found. It might bee because some books are easy read after a busy days. and some demands more of me and are perfect for a Sunday afternoon in the garden.

This spring and summer have been a big reading season. I decided to try out an audio subscription. I love being read to. And now I read books while I garden, drive tractor on the farm or car to work, when I wash up or cleans around the house, when I’m out walking or on our traveling when there is nothing else to do.

I also read a lot of e-books, making it possible for me to get my hands on those books that are harder to come by here in Norway. A win is that I don’t have to wait a month for shipping like before. Win, win.

So far this year I’ve read 57 books and that makes me so happy! I haven’t read so many books in a year (and the year isn’t over!) since I was in middle school and more or less living in the library. I try to read in my spare time, even when I have just a few minutes. When I go outside for a coffee break I make it a habit to bring my books, in the evenings when it’s quiet around me I read a book instead of checking social media online. Sometimes I read when I should have slept, I’m trying to beat that habit!

My favorite way to read is still sitting with a book in my lap, turning the pages as I read on, smelling and feeling it. I love a thick book. But I also love that modern technologies gives me a chance to read more, to explore and to get more words and stories into my everyday life and even though the audio versions are a bit expensive I see my self keeping up the subscription, making sure that the books i buy are books I really care about and books read by someone that read really well. My favorites are those books read by the author him/herself.

Bring on the books.

What have you done in your creative time lately?!
As always: THANKS for stopping by!

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Today we woke up to a little tiny layer of snow.

I’m still driving with summer tires, so not ideal, but I kind of love that we’ve gotten snow too. Guess I know what’s on my list today. It’s cloudy and the fog is rolling in, hoping it’ll lift later on.

I miss spending more time outside. But it’s getting colder. And I like to stay warm-ish. I’m finding myself boxed up inside. Drinking my coffee there instead of outside as I did all summer and long into the fall. Even our dog goes to the door sometimes when he sees me walking with a steaming mug. He miss it too.

Yes, I miss the warm weather of summer, but some days – like last Friday – the sun is shining and the forest is calling. I went out there. Got myself up and out. Put my sneakers on and had a walk and a run in the forest as the sunshine spread it’s cheer.

That was good. It really really was.

I should do that more often. I think I’m going to schedule it in. On sunshiny days. So glad also the winter season has a few of those!

November -ing

And then it was November. Soon at the middle point of the month too. That went fast.

Friday evening

so much beauty outside. I love the forest, the sky – and the sunshine!

for Paris – for the world. #prayforParis

we can’t fight darkness with darkness, but some days it’s so hard to light the light. Trying.


the coming winter season will be filled with light and colors. And peace!

a bit of clearing and cleaning at home. Glad MT have gotten his room finished, finally, now it’s my turn. Hoping to sell our old house soon. 2016 we’ll become farmers… Probably.

Fall knitting

more wool socks. I plan to stay warm this winter. Would love to have a little herd of sheep on the farm and sell wool yarn locally. We’ll see.

Dec Daily 15 - a start

with December Daily products, inks and glue. Preparing for my favorite season coming so very soon. Also played Chinese Chess for the first time in decades together with my mom and MT. Fun. Hoping for a few more game nights this season.

Chinese Chess board game

so slowly and too seldom. Friday I got out there in the woods. Did me good.

novels from Jenny Colgan on my iPad. Listening to book Nr. 16 about Mma Ramotswe; The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series. See all my books at goodreads.com.

Oddernes church

Advent and Christmas season at church. So many good things ahead. Takes a bit of work to get there, though.

Fog season

a little bit blue and alone. And tired, always tired. Battling with a headache that won’t go away and with my neck injury; the stress of this season does not make it better. Sigh.

too much scrapbooking supplies. Ahem. Now on to the Christmas presents!

Diamonds in the forest

for my first batch of ecological fruits and greens delivered on my door step. Eager to see what they have for me. Hoping for some kale and onion. And a few oranges too.

a new Advent calendar using December Daily supplies.

God for my kid and for being alive.

Bird feeder

(photos from October + November, words from Nov 13th and 14th 2015)

Sunday in Sunshine

Sunset glow

Hello September Sunshine!

So glad for all the sunshine this Sunday. Now I like you better, September!

It’s autumn in the air, colder and crisper, but the sunshine made my day. I’ve missed it. Wanted to share a few photos of our day. Easy and relaxed, outside more than inside.

Enjoy SunhineStrongOn my tableIn his handsIn the air

Thank you for showing you good side, September.
With the weekend off we really had time to enjoy it too. Thankfully.

Looking forward to an eventful week.

Happy week-end!

Opening pages | WITL album 15

Hello Wednesday

Yesterday I sent off all my WEEK IN THE LIFE photos photos to be printed by Persnickety Prints. I’m eagerly anticipating my packet to arrive here in Norway, but it will likely be another 10-14 days before I can hold the actual prints in my hands. Good thing I have a lot of things to do at work (and on the farm) to keep me occupied while I wait.

I decided to print all of my favorite photos from our week, the ones I posted here during the week + a few other favorites I found on my second look through. After seeing what Annette Haring did with her intro-pages to each day I wanted to go a similar route. The photos I’m sharing here today will be on two pages in the album and placed in the front of each day. I really liked this approach.

Hello Monday Hello Tuesday Hello Thursday Hello FridayCredits all images: Messy Daily Circles by Ali Edwards // font: American Typewriter // a star to give my niece some privacy


Once the prints are here I look forward to figure out how I want my album to flow. I have a few other enlarged photos as well, and I loved how Ali Edwards glued 4×6 together and included several photos outside of the pockets in her album.

So many good ideas around this project.

This will be the first time (hopefully) were I have a finished album to put on my shelf; it feels so good after several years of trying to move from the documenting process of this (and similar projects) to a finished product without success. This time it was fun to be a part of the “group” that wrote a blog post about each of the days, I’m sure that was one of the things that helped me stay on top of things. I also felt I learned quite a lot working in Lightroom editing my photos + making collages for so many days in a row. That is a new skill to bring to my next project (like the many weeks of Pocket Scrapbooking that I would love to do from this year).

Hello Saturday

This project makes me happy and grateful, as it has done the other years I’ve done it as well. An album in my hand or not; the photos taken gives me a glimpse of how much there is to give thanks for in our everyday life where I try to embrace the imperfectness, the tiredness and the gray/black days that also are a part of it all right now.

Digital Scrapbooking | Aug 2015

Late August =

As I mull over the Week In The Life photos and my album in-the-making (I have uploaded many of the photos to print already! Hoping to add the rest and order the prints by the end of this week, that went faster than I dared to dream!) I wanted to share a couple of layouts I made for The Daily Digi with this months digi files.

August Morning Credits: papers and elements from Nuts About You by Jady Day Designs, font: Courier New

What I saw an early morning late August:

There is a chill in the air, the apples are getting ripe and the yellow fields are ready for harvest. I’m determined to enjoy the summer as long as it last, but it’s starting to feel like fall. (27.aug2014, 08:14)

Back to school 2014 Credits: papers and elements from Wanterlust by Studio Blagovesta, font: Soymilk and Courier New.

Having had vacation all summer has been really nice, but now you’re ready to meet your friends at school again. The bus is waiting down by the road, just a little run and you are on you way. (18.aug2014)

As always: THANKS for stopping by!

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Week In The Life | Sunday


This day started out by the lake. First we attended an outdoor service, then we lingered there. The sunshine warmed and the view is one of my favorites!

WITL15_sunday-blog-2 WITL15_sunday-blog-1 WITL15_sunday-blog-3 WITL15_sunday-blog-4 WITL15_sunday-blog-5

MT had a fun time watching the guys trying to sink the floating deck by being too many on board at a time. They did get wet, but the deck is still floating.


MT captured me with my phone open. Most days I use it to capture the small and big things that makes up our life. This week I’ve brought with me my big camera (the dSLR) as well. It has been a good photo-week. I really want to keep taking both cameras with me, if not for every small thing, so at least a couple times a week. I love my phone-photos, but most days they can’t compare to my big camera. I also love how MT more easily are picking up the big camera to capture something he sees, than my phone (although he sometimes will do that too).


The water was quite warm, but I could not convince MT to take a proper swim. I even said we could go a place with less people and deeper water. But: no. So then we waded in the water. First me (top photo), then him.


When we got back home MT wanted to go play football (soccer). While he was away I found a book and a cup of coffee and found myself a place in the sunshine. I’m desperate to soak up every moment now that summer is at it’s last leg around here and my vacation is over.


In the evening my mom invited us over for supper and my brother and family came as well. After food and coffee we enjoyed the outdoors and a few of us (me sometimes, but mostly MT, my niece and my brother) threw a Frisbee around with lots of smiles and silliness.

We’re all so busy at times, so it felt good to spend some hours with each other. To laugh, talk and just being together. Connecting. Being updated a little on each others life.

WITL15_sunday-blog-9 WITL15_sunday-blog-10 WITL15_sunday-blog-17 WITL15_sunday-blog-11 WITL15_sunday-blog-12 WITL15_sunday-blog-13

Late evening we got another beautiful pinkish sunset. Good night!

WITL15_sunday-blog-14 WITL15_sunday-blog-15 WITL15_sunday-blog-16

At the beginning of this week I decided that one of the things I wanted to capture was ‘where I stand‘-type of photos. For some reason I love those kinds of photos, almost as much as I love taking photos of my coffee mug. Almost. I’m glad to see that the photos from today was me standing with my bare feet – first in the lake; then this evening: in the grass. I love the summer season and bare feet is a summer staple – and favorite – for me.


Thank you so much for coming by my little online world today and this week!

I’ll be back with more posts next week, but I’m not sure if I can manage to work on the album just yet. It’s start-up season at work, so that will need some attention from me – and the harvest season on the farm have just started, still plenty to do before we can see the end of that. I’m happy to have gathered the photos and put down some words here on the blog. That is a really good start on this project.

It’s been fun!

links: Ali Edwards’ Sunday post – on her site you can find all things related to Week In The Life (and lots of other great projects) | My Sunday 2011

Week In The Life | Saturday


I woke up early on Saturday. Too early, I felt, so I went back to bed. It was Saturday after all. But then I slept another full night’s sleep and my work day got cut short. I was quite angry with myself, although that did not help the situation much. So after a very late breakfast I heard the harvester and understood that the rest of the day would be about that.

Harvesting season at the farm starts today.


I brought the camera with me outside. And shot a few moments during our day that actually did make me feel that this day was just right even though it’s started out all wrong.

Below is a current on-a-farm-work-day portrait of us that right now live on the farm; my mom, my dad, my kid and me. Hello!


Today we harvested the first bit of our rye crops, it’s an old kind of rye with tall straws. It’s called Svedjerug in Norwegian. I hope to mill some of it to flour later in the season. Maybe even put some up for sale. All our crops are organic.

It’s important for the quality of the grains that they are dry, so we measure the ‘water content’ several times. If it is too moist we need to blow air on it to help it dry out properly, thankfully we didn’t need to do that this time. Saves both time and energy.

WITL15_saturday-blog-32 WITL15_saturday-blog-6 WITL15_saturday-blog-7

As my dad went on to harvest more, we moved on a few other chores on the farm. MT cut the grass. I filled up on water and enjoyed a few minutes in the sun on the front porch before heading in to do a little bit of house work.

WITL15_saturday-blog-8 WITL15_saturday-blog-9 WITL15_saturday-blog-10 WITL15_saturday-blog-11

Later we went back to gather some of the straws for my garden and my dad asked MT to help him spread out some of the dust that had gathered where the harvester stood.

He had quite some fun with that task, helping out on the farm isn’t all boring stuff!


MT and our dog Ferdinand.


The three of us.

WITL15_saturday-blog-18 WITL15_saturday-blog-22 WITL15_saturday-blog-21 WITL15_saturday-blog-23

In the evening we went to pick up some groceries. The sunset was a beautiful one so I made MT go out of the car and capture it for me. I love a pinkish-orange-yellow good night!


Back home my dad was just about finished with his last lap around the field. And we helped get the crops under roof. By then it was dark (see top right photo on this post). My vegetables needed some watering as well. So it was after 11 pm before I was indoors again; it might have been a good thing that I got some extra sleep earlier in the day after all.


Night sky. Taken around 9 pm.
Still loving that basked hook attached to our wall.

WITL15_saturday-blog-28 WITL15_saturday-blog-26 WITL15_saturday-blog-27

Thanks for coming by my little online world today! How are your day going?

links: Ali Edwards’ Saturday post – on her site you can find all things related to Week In The Life (and lots of other great projects) | My Saturday 2011

Week In The Life | Friday


MT is on his way to school. He’s taking the bus from down by the road every morning.


I made myself a salad for lunch. With left over hard boiled egg and garlic. Delicious.

WITL15_friday-blog-2 WITL15_friday-blog-4

The fall work at the farm have started a little. I spent a couple of hours on a field today and guess there will be a bit more in the coming weeks. It’s still my dad that is the farmer, but I try to help when I can.


I usually bring with me a book when I sit down for a cup of coffee. Lately it’s been farm related books. I have much to learn.


MT found a larva on his way home today. Such a strange looking thing. We found out it was called Deilephila elpenor and becomes a pinkish butterfly next spring.

WITL15_friday-blog-13 WITL15_friday-blog-12 WITL15_friday-blog-14

In the evening I sat outside with a cup of tea as the sun started to set. I wanted to capture some of all that is growing around me in my garden and the orchard. Here are the sunchokes, the carrots, the (second year = setting seeds) kale, the apples and the old trees.

WITL15_friday-blog-7 WITL15_friday-blog-8 WITL15_friday-blog-9 WITL15_friday-blog-20 WITL15_friday-blog-10 WITL15_friday-blog-11 WITL15_friday-blog-15 WITL15_friday-blog-17 WITL15_friday-blog-18 WITL15_friday-blog-19 WITL15_friday-blog-16

And some yellow to make the day complete 🙂 My mom’s yellow flowers spreads like weed, but they are beautiful. Trying to contain them to one place. Still in progress.

WITL15_friday-blog-21 WITL15_friday-blog-22

Thanks for coming by my little online world today! How are your day going?

links: Ali Edwards’ Friday post – on her site you can find all things related to Week In The Life (and lots of other great projects) | My Friday 2011

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