An idea for my sermon tomorrow

A silent discussion* about what a fellow human being is! I want to spread sheets of paper throughout the church with headings like: Who are a fellow human being? What is a fellow human being? …and so on! And then let people wander around in the church writing down what they think on the papers… for 10. min or so.

After I will read aloud what we together has collected of ideas and meanings. I will also say a little bit more about the text for closure. Heading for my sermon: Gods blessing reach us through fellow human beings who belive!

A good idea, or an idea to forget???

* means that people write down what they think instead saying it out loud…

Of cause we can change the world!

This is the motto of the Norwegian Church Aid’s youth group: “Changemaker”.

Sometimes when I’m looking at the world and all the tragic events I wonder – is it possible??
Today children in Russia died from terror, today children in Darfur, Sudan, died of hunger and war – and in other places, and for different reasons more children died this past day.

I try to teach my confirmants about what a persons life is worth, what they do mean and what kind of value their life has (as well as others) – it is one small way of making the world a better place……….. ‘Cause if you are worth nothing, does it matter if you’re dead or alive??

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