I’ve had some problem posting today – this is a test!

AND THERE IT ALL WAS, even those posts I thought was lost!! So nice!!!

I didn’t get a letter in mail today ether, maybe tomorrow 😉

Waiting is driving me crazy!

It’s been at the office 3 months now, my application for adoption. That’s how long they said it would take. This waiting is driving me crazy! I’m so unsure of the result, but tries to hope for the best :o) If I’m approved in this first run, I’m a lot closer to be a mam which I want more than anything! If I’m not I will appeal, and that will take some time before a new answer….

I don’t think it’s anything in my mailbox for a least two weeks. That’s two more weeks to crazy on c”,)

Have a good one!

Tomorrow is so packed with things to do…

that I’m still sitting here, not willing to go to bed. ‘Cause then I soon will have to wake up again!!!

Lucky for me most of the things there is to do tomorrow are things I enjoy doing. Most of the day I will attend a meeting about confirmation, I hope to catch a good idea or two. Later is it meeting with the churchboard – and we shall dream about what a church is, try to find or DREAMCHURCH!

Now that’s not a bad day is it???
So unto bed, then I appreciate the day even more c”.)

Good night!

Love from the Fjord!

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