Each week you’ll get some question about Norway or Christianity. Send me your answers as a comment. You will not get rich by participation (!) But you’ll get your name in a blog here on Friday if you have the highest score……… Be shore to leave me your namne =)

This weeks question:

  1. What is the name of the highest mountain in Norway, and how high is it??
  2. What did Luke in the Bible do for a living?
  3. What does the norwegian word ELSKE mean??
  4. Does Norway have any mosks?
  5. Maria and Martha had a brother – what was his name?
  6. TELEMARK is a kind of skiing, what does it mean??

Take care!!

Love anne berit ;o)

Sermon about Maria and Martha

On Sunday I am going to preach about Maria, Martha and Jesus (From Luke 10:38-42) .

The story itself is a lovely story (in my ears!) of everyday life in a family. A guest (or rather guests) have arrived and there is much to do. I imagine that Martha is one of those people who always do a lot for other people. That is her way of showing that she cares! With Maria on the other hand, it’s different. She wants to be near the guest, show how much she cares by being close and listen. Two ways to approach equally appreciated by the guest, it seems. Even thought Maria’s approach maybe was something for Martha to try – there is also much “godswork” in cocking and cleaning!

In our church there are this Sunday different ages, from 0 to over 80…… We have invited those who are 4 years old. And the youth who attend confirmanion class shall be presented for the congregation. So they will get the attention this time. But it’s going to be a service with many things, and I have made my self promise that it will take no more than an hour. I’m not shore if that is possible :o)

Tomorrow I shall meet three of the youth’s mentioned above. They shall participate both in preparing the service – and have specially things to do in the actually service on Sunday. I’m looking forward to meet them and learn from them. What do they think about the text I wonder??

Tomorrow I’ll know :o)

It’s raining men, Hallelujah!

Well, it’s not exactly – but wouldn’t that been nice… ;o)

It is raining thought, big time! The western part of Norway is known for its rain, so today is just like the picture people have about this area: …. it’s rainy and gray…… But as the picture on my blog shows that’s not always true!

Yesterday I realized that the summer is long gone. It became dark so fast, before nine o’clock in the evening. In the middle of summer, there is no darkness at all for about two- four weeks! Soon there will be dark when I leave for work, and dark when I return….. the evening sets at five in the darkest period around Christmas here were I’m living. In the northern part of Norway there is no daylight at all!

I’m not shore how I feel about it, it’s sort of a thing that always has been. And even thought there is little light the autumn and winter, there is also more time to spend indoors. The evening is long, and more gets done than in the summer, I think. At least for my part that’s the case.

Maybe this autumn also will bring good news, that will sure brighten up my day!!!!!

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