Sunday evening = rest!

There is a sensation of peace and calm that comes after finishing a service. I can’t describe it, but I guess it is similar to the fridayfeeling after a week at work. Only that this sensation not only are because I’m finished, but because the service we’re held together has given me something that linger in me.

Now I’m going home for rest and food. If I run I will reach a favorite TV-series also (McLaouds Daughters – ops, not quite sure of how to spell the namne…)

So have a nice week!
Love from anne berit c”,)

I’m soooo glad!

The service went well.

Many people attended, and there were a good number of children! The three youths did a good job as “Ministrant”, and it seemed like they thought so themselves as well!

I like a service were children can be children (and run….. and walk about) we do need to give them room as well. Who has decided that only those who can sit still and be quite are welcome in the church????!! Let the children worship God with their body, let them be in a place were God is worshiped. Then we can learn from them, and let go from time to time. I they can learn from us and participate!

Good Sunday and God bless YOU!


Each Sunday you will find a quote from the text preached over in churches here in Norway, this week the quote is from Luke chapter 10, verse 41-42.

“Martha, Martha” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it willnot be taken away from her.”

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