Rambling on….

It is so nice to sit at home and write, I shore hope that this will go well ;o)

Today has been a good day, even though I got tired! All the pastors and even a new member to our team, was gathered most of the day. There is always good to meet and chat with fellow pastors. We’ve have a lot to talk about. And our leading pastor have prepared themes to go through so the time are going quickly. The last hour I usually begin to feel tired, not because it is soo boring but rather because there is so much to digest after a such day…….

I went to my office and wrote this weeks thoughts and ideas for next Sunday, you can find it on the net – but it is only in Norwegian, in a few minutes (or hours..) I shall post a link to the site…… And then I went home. It took some time to find more energy, but now I’m up and walking :o)

Hope that I can do some work on this machine of mine tonight. I never thought there was so much to download to get me back to normal………… but I’ll get there!!

God bless!!

anne berit =)

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