Last week I tried

…to post something each day for you to read, think about or answer. It didn’t last long before I couldn’t keep up with my original plan. That’s why I now write this….

For now I will post this sometime during the week:

  • a quote from the Bible (usually on Sunday)
  • a quote from a book I read, or a quote I stumble upon on the web
  • a quiz about Norway and Christianity
  • a link to a nice or fun place
  • this weeks funniest cartoon from reverend fun – in my opinion! (usually on Saturday)

Well, then I’ll try again! Have a good weekend!

God bless!

Love from anne berit :o)

Take control

……… over your time!!

It is so easy to get lost in everything there is to do, and so difficult to just relax and let go! I’ve decided to keep my focus on this. I need some time to do nothing, and I need some sort of control over my use of the hours, day and night.

In Norway we have a project that has as it’s goal to focus on time and our use of it. Most of the text are in Norwegian – but there are some articles in English as well. The name 07-06-05 – says when the project is over (at least in this form…) It is Norwegian date format, so it means June 7th in the year 2005, if you wondered…… :o) Now it is under a year again – will we get control???

Come join us in our struggle! It is worth it that’s for sure – because with time to spend on whatever we want, we’ll get happier than money can ever make us!!!!

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