I love this time of year!

Yesterday I hung up some of my adventstars, so today when I got down in my livingroom they shone all cozy and warm at me. It makes me feel so good!

Now I must hurry to work, shall prepare for class whit 11 to 13 years old. We just started this class as a small project. It is a class whit Christian education right after school are finished. It seems to work fine – this is our 3rd class and we shall have only 4, so we are finished before Christmas whit this first project (in the spring there is camp and there are some services as well). Today the topic is BAPTISM or Christening – in Norwegian DÅP.

Have a good day!
anne berit =>

Christmas wish

There is a site for kids to send their Christmas wish here in Norway (and maybe from other country as well – they have English translation as far as I can tell). This year the kids number one wish are:

(in most cases = parents)

Wonder what is the easiest gift for parents, ………….more toys or ski or time?

This certenly makes me think about how I spend my time – and how I shall spend it when there is children in my house.

Blinky blinky little star..

Got my self some blinking stars in the heading. I like them (Link to cutecolors who made them) I love stars, and keep adding new stars to my collection of advent stars for my windows. This year I’m a little late, but by tonight my windows (not all but quite a few) will have stars in them.

It is one of the advent symbols (the other are the adventwreath, as you may have guessed) that are important to me. It tells the story of the wise men looking at the star and following it to the stable where Christ was born. I love the story and their search for the newborn king. That’s why my advent is filled whit stars – I follow it as well and every year it leads me right back to the stable and my King: Jesus :o)

Found Adventwreath

And learned a new word ;o)

I couldn’t use it in every post though – and that is OK (I have my dancing snowman for that!) I just have to change the image in my template for every week……

Today I slept in and even when I woke up I could not get my self out of bed in some hours so things are going kind of slowe here today. But that means time to spend out here whit you and that is nice!

Well, can’t be here all the time. Have a to do some housework and something whit the adoption – must get the papers sent this week, and there is still some missing (also some that I shall write….. )But first… I dwell here a little while =>


This Sunday is the very first in the new church year in Norway and also the 1th Sunday of Advent. I had a lot of children whit me in church today and we had a good time together. The text tells about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and about the people treating him like royalty. As a king.

And he is a king, but not like any other king. He doesn’t ride in there on a shining horse – he used a donkey. He doesn’t surround himself whit lifeguards and important men – he has his friends, 12 pupils, who easily scare. He doesn’t want to rule over us – he serves us instead.

Join in the crowds singing:

“Hosanna to the Son of David!”
“Blessed is he who comes
in the name of the Lord!”

“Hosanna in the highest!”

Hurray for Jesus – king of kings!

(The full text: Mattew 21:1-9)