The worlds day for HIV/Aids

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Is today!

And it is almost over, but I just had to make a post about it because this concerns me – no matter how far it is to those who are most affected! It affect me as a fellow human being and I do care! Here is a link to the Norwegian Church Aid – they worked whit this subject for a while and their site (and sister sites elsewhere in the world) have much to offer about how the fight against this terrible decease are battled.

Please visit!
And pray whit me for those who are affected or in danger of being affected of HIV and/or Aids.

Found another Adventcalender, but this one is in Norwegian only:

Hm… wonder what happened..??!!

My blog just turned ugly, both whit color and frames that should not be here!! I have no idea what just happened – but hope that I can figure it out quite soon, because this deal I don’t like ;(

Update at 20:41 –> now it looks fine in Firefox, wonder if that is true for the other browsers as well….. ???? Well, before I find out I just have to make myself some food! Need the extra strength ;o)

Update at 22:35 –> back out here I see that my blog also looks fine in the Opera browser, so then I hope everything are back where it should. Earlier I found and corrected some wrongs in a post and it seems like that was what caused it all in fact!! So now –> back to normal blogging 😀

Adventcalendars – a search.

In my childhood calendars was really important, I remember the feel of December first – the excitement and anticipation – what would I find behind the first window?? I still do love the feeling – so just for fun I made a little Adventcalendar-search here on the net! As my mother tried to do when I was a little girl – I also below have selected mostly calendars who speak about the Christian Christmas, about the little King born in a stable. Not because the others are so bad, but because this is what I first search for in a calendar now a days!

If you know of an Adventcalendar that’s not here – but should be: Please tell me!!

First. My favorite: “Following the star” Here is both word and a short devotion (and more) – easy to read through in the morning before heading for work. I’ll make my visit every day from now on!


Here is a you can find small word of wisdom for each day. There also are music and other things to read and click on as well. A blog-kind of Adventcalendar where you can follow a story and learn about the Biblical story of Nativity as well:

At Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church I fond this calendar where I can sing my way through Advent. I didn’t find any melodies though, so it is a little hard for me to sing a long since I don’t know the tune of many of them (I guess) – but I loved the idea!
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At I found an calendar whit something to do each (well, that I don’t know just yet). I guess that much of this also are for children.

Hope that you will love visit them as I did (and do…!)

Whit love anne berit

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