The Christmastree has landed!

And are now proudly standing in my living room.
For a moment yesterday i thought this would be another year without a tree, but then my friend B and her husband helped me out – THANKS YOU GUY’S!!

Now I have placed the lights and are soon going to hang up the rest of the stuff. Then I will decorate the rest of the house. I am not sure if I will get finished tonight – but are going to try. This morning I slept way to long, and would not have woken in time for my meeting, if it was not for B’s call :o) – I still fell that I’m not quite awake, and are heading for bed early. Or else the day tomorrow will get as bad start as this one did!

Then it is back to the light (and tomorrows dinner which I prepare tonight, and just heat up tomorrow…) and the Christmas decorating! Hope you have a good time!

Love =>
anne berit