Candles lighted over the world!

Join me and light your candle for those who have been hurt or have lost loved one in the South-East Asia tsunami on Christmas day. The deaths are rising. By tonight it is nearly 60000, and the number is still rising. Probably will also a lot of people die because of health issues because of the disaster. I light my lights and say a prayer! My only remaining hope and comfort is that God is there in the midst of all the chaos and suffer. That do matter! Even though the grief is impossible to imagine for me sitting here safe in Norway.  Posted by Hello

A terrible terrible accident

On Christmas day a tsunami came over the beaches in South East Asia because of a earthquake. This morning the news reported that maybe as many as 70000 people died. I’ve been trying to grasp the number, but have come short. It’s so many, and each death has a family in grief behind. Many of the deaths are tourist on vacation in this beautiful place on earth. But most of them are inhabitants of the area. By now 28000 deaths are reported. Even in Somalia, far away from the earthquake there are deaths because of it.

The only thing I can do is pray!

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