Back home

Came home this morning, after spending two nights at my friend K’s house. I had a good time, nice to have time for talking until early morning :o)

My computer had enough of me and decided to shut down several times so I gave up making a post this morning. Now I’m sitting at my office trying to prepare the services this weekend, one tonight at 11 pm, one tomorrow at 4 pm and one on Sunday at 11 am. In different ways they all shall touch the tragedy in South East Asia, mostly the one tonight, but also the others. The Norwegian government has decided that tomorrow, 1 th of January, shall be our national day for grief for the many who died and are missing. (Probably are there several hundred Norwegian killed, and it is the largest number in several decades for our country.) I read one place that also Sweden will have a day of grief tomorrow, there may be as many as thousand people killed from Sweden.

One good thing in my life today: I manage to post nearly all my document concerning my adoption. It means they probably will reach Ethiopia in the middle or late January. The only thing left are a recommendation from my friend B, but that I guess will be sent after shortly.

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