Last day of March – already!

I’m starting to get old! The days are just running by to quickly! I don’t know where they all went :D
There has been some good days though! One of them finally landing my papers for adoption in Ethiopia. They’ve been there for almost three weeks now – hope they’re doing fine ;)

It’s so surreal to wait for a child like that! I’m not pregnant and don’t look pregnant (ok, sometimes ;)) But I act pregnant!!! Have had a hard time focus on my work lately because of this child-business. And I can’t remember a thing… almost….

*Is this what motherhood is like??? :D*

Been reading up on HTML and CSS

Tonight I’ve been reading up on the beginners guide both to HTML and CSS. Most of it was something I already knew, but there was one or two things that I hadn’t gotten before :) Hope I get time tomorrow to go on on the intermediate guides and maybe also advance…. If not my head are spinning by then :P

I think this is so much fun, but it is like learning a new language – it takes some time getting it all together. And one thing is to understand and copy examples; another thing all together is to write my own html or stylesheet (or figuring out something others have written ;))

*It’s around midnight – so nighty night! :o*

ooops! here is a link to the guides I’ve been reading tonight, easy and good written; with a little bit of fun inbetween :D:

I’ve got a new neighbor..

When I got home today he was moving into the apartment on the second floor. He said the move would be completed by the end of the weekend. *So much for the landlord promise to tell me when the new neighbor might arrive!!*

I’m still a little upset about the way this has been handled, and I guess he’s got a key to my basement as well. I told him what I was told when I moved in here for almost three years ago: all of the house, except the second floor apartment, and the garden was at my disposal. I hope that is not going to change! He said that the man showing him around didn’t know if there was any room for some of his things in the basement or if he was allowed to place some stuff on the attick. *But they still went down in the basement without asking me if I knew or if I minded!* I think that is kind of rude!

By law I’m bound to live here because this is the house for the pastor and I am not allowed to live anywhere else. In rare cases and on special grounds there can be given disposal from this “housing-law”, but I don’t think my case is so special…. ;)

Now I have rambled enough of this! :(

I’m an early bird today!

Just because I had to send something into the other church office and a nice neighbour could help me. She leave for work around 7 am, so that’s when I was outside to to move it from my car to hers. Thanks a lot for helping me out T!!!!

And thanks for the flower :D
blue flower

This is one of my favorites, and it just started blooming yesterday. It is blue tiny, tiny flowers and brigt green leaves. They spread quickely and becomes a rug of blue and green. I’ll show you when they are in full bloom!

Have a happy day everybody!!

There was someone in my cellar!

I live in a house own by the kommune (a part of a county, can’t remember the word – sorry) where I’m pastor. As a pastor I’m bound to live here, and mostly that is quite all right.

But today there was two men in my cellar, they even tried to open the door leading up in my part of the house. I really didn’t like it, felt like they were invading my space. And they didn’t even ask!

Usually I think of this house as all mine; but there is another apartment too. Much smaller than mine and only on the second floor. Today these men came by to look at it. The last year this apartment has been empty, and before that there was a teacher living there who was both quiet and nice. In the summer he went away, so he didn’t bother me at all. Now I wonder: who’s moving in?? I made a call and got to know that yes there was a man looking at the apartment and no, they hadn’t made a contract yet. I was promised to be notified before any agreement was done.

I have this icky feeling, not just because they was down there in the basement (where my washing machine is, by the way – and my dirty laundry). But because I’m afraid this is someone else, that will bother me and maybe want to use my garden as well…….(yes I still call it my ;)) This is my free space, I don’t want to be watched!

Hope I’m freaking out for nothing! But still: :o

Slept long today ;)

Just enjoying my day off!!!
Soon my breakfast is finished – from lack of bread I’m warming a Nan-bread, they are *DELICIOUS*!

After that a cup of coffee in the sun, a little more cloudily today, I’ll just have to wear some more clothes :)

By the way; the traffic of yesterday was big but they got a third ferry joining – so it was less time waiting in line for the holiday-people; but so boring for me ;) I have much fun watching this each year. Here is a photo from Sunday evening, look up on the bridge there is cars too:


Klick the photo and you jump to my photoblog.


Some statistic

Since last Sunday I have:

  • had 8 services
  • in 3 curches and 1 community center
  • driven 400 kilometres
  • taken the ferry 10 times
  • met a lot of wonderful people

Tomorrow is my day off :D Now I take my Easter holiday!!!!

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