just some test on some color..

this is the background color maybe I shall switch to this or this or this or this??

this is the other color used in links hover and more.. Maybe this color will look good?? ?

this code is just three numbers, wonder what it is 😉 (well, that didn’t work, no did it…)

this I think is in the commentsbit someplace :O It is the background for the comment, maybe it will look just as good in this color??

Trying out some themes

I’ve been trying out some themes for WP 1.5, I have a great desire to make my own – but think I have to wait a little bit before I acctually can make that happen!!!

For now I’m looking for a nice LIME graphic to make a new heading of. …. well, that will happen when it happens 😉

Then I’m off plugin-hunting 😀
Have a great Sunday!!

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