I’m away this weekend

Sorry for no posting yesterday!
But I’m away on camp with the 11 years old of my churches (and some other areas). Just now I’m home to get some socks and have too run back real soon. We’re having a good time!!

I’ll post more tomorrow!

Have a good weekend 😀
*God bless!*

Did you get fooled??

I love that there is a day in the year where it is “allowed” to play trick’s with friends and family (or in newspaper). The best trick’s are the ones that we all can laugh long and well off. Even the one who got fooled. I think I got fooled yesterday by my neighbor, she said one of the lights on my car was out – but it’s there….. (I had to look, hadn’t I) 😀

I wish I had gotten around to make a April fool on some of my friends or family yesterday – but I didn’t do it this year either!! I need some really good, but nice, ones for next year. Please help me 😉

*And did you get fooled????? Tell me all about it* :)


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