I’m here :)

This morning I had plans for some web-surfing and blog-writing. But I could not get my self out of bed. Soooo tired! The whole day has been like that, my head hurting and I’ve been so tired of everything. All I wanted was to crawl back under the blanket and sleep until tomorrow…..

The last thing on my workday was to have Sunday school (on a Tuesday :)) I was certain that my head would hurt even more than before and that I completely was worn out after 1.5 hour with children screaming and running (yes, they do that sometimes… ;))

*Instead I feel so good!* We had a super time together and the children was really listening when I told them about Thomas’ meeting with Jesus after the resurrection. Maybe they even will remember a little bit of it too 😀

In the group there are children between the age 3 and 10, so it is quite a difference in ages. Usually we watch children’s TV from 6 to 6:30 PM, but now we don’t have any TV in the new place. Instead the older children made TV-programs for the younger ones. That was so cute and funny!

*One of the funniest things for me, as an adult that is, was how they changed their language when they made their programs. Usually they speak the dialect of nynorsk here, but then they suddenly changed to bokmål* (and that is the most used dialect, both in Norway and on TV….)

Now I need some food – will be back out here later on, and soon I’ll make answers to comments and go by my favorites to read up on what’s new 😀

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