A lot of Harts!

This evening I went to have a confirmation-class with one of my groups. It was quite a long drive; but a lot of nice scenarios. Sadly, I had no time for stopping to take photos :(

This is some photos from one of the small towns I’m pastor, I love the red church :D! The pictures are not as sharp and as good as I wanted; but you get the idea of the place. One ferry-ride and about one hour of driving away:


small town

*On my way back the evening was getting darker, and was it not for me actually reaching the ferry so I got home half an hour earlier, I would have been really angry with my self for not pulling over the car and taking a lot of pictures of the harts. I think I saw at least twenty of them!!!!*

Now, as I’m moving to bed, already starting the new day here in Norway; I’m just a little bit angry with my self…… Hope there will be some other opportunity to take photos of the harts – the animal I think of the most driving this narrow country roads 😉


I’m so late for work – soaked a little to long in the bathtub…. 😀

*What is your favorite excuse when you’re late???*

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