Smile Please!

I’ve been trying to get some desent photos of the confirmants, to use either in the church-paper or for a card or something like that on the confirmation day. But they just make a mess of them….. her are some examples:




*Am I robbing off on them, or what is this???* 😉

Sun today!

I love it! The sun has shone today 😀

Nothing much to tell, other than I’m still sleeping long in the morning. Today I was at work on time, though!

I sacked the housekeeper today – she wasn’t doing anything anyway… 😉 Anyone want the job??? There is a whole lot of stuff to clear up…. :) (For the time being I’m really bad at this house-stuff!!!!) What a great thing if this house was “self-cleaning” 😀

In two hours I’ve invited the confirmation-class for a visit. But first we shall have the last class; so I better hurry!

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