Yellow and Friends :)

I was up and walking kind of early this morning. Needed to change tire on my car, so I pay someone to do it for me 😉 That gave me a small walk back home again. I took some pictures, to give you an idea on how my neighbor’s garden look like (sorry Val ;)):



Not as sharp as I wanted them to be; but bright yellow 🙂

Soon I’m heading to office for a little bit of work. I have this weekend off and work only half day today. Around noon I’m going to visit Benedicte and her family for a little while. We have some plans for next weekend to sort out and then there is some time for talking… 😀

I’ll be home pretty early though – so maybe this is the night for upgrading my Photoblog {A Farmer’s Child’s Tales…}??? It would be nice with a better look…. (Thanks Val for the template) 😉

By the way: it’s raining again! Not soaking wet, just light rain for now.


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