Me and the ferries


I live close to one of the largest fjords in the world. Just below my house the ferries comes and goes as they cross the fjord twice an hour (daytime). My friends laughs of me when I start talking about the ferries, but the thing is: when you live like this; with them as close neighbors – they becomes kind of an important part of everyday life :)

The last weeks one of the ferries has been on service and I have missed him. I was so happy when I saw him return today 😀 So I had to take some pictures, didn’t I. A sort of welcome home 😉

In addition it has been a super beautiful day!

ferry1 ferry3

ferry4 ferry5


*Isn’t he a beauty?* 😆

Sun :D

I’m soon off to work, just need some food and a little time out here 😆

Today I’m going to spend all day at the office and I love the idea of that. Don’t get me wrong, I like my different meetings with people – but it is good to sit down by my desk, clear up the mess, make preparations for next service, confirmation class or other and sort of find my self….

*On top of that the sun is shining* 😀


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