Nothing beats a nice video-night ;)

I’m writing this from my friends house, they have broadband and I just borrowed some of it’s space to put some new words on my blog ;) I’ve had the perfect ending to the day. Talk and fun with the twins, talk with friends and two hours spent on the film Two Weeks Notice. We all needed a good laugh :lol: And this film sure gave it to us! I’m a big fan of Sandra Bullock and this is some of her better work (comedie-stuff), if you ask me!

Well, I better be a little more social – talk later ;)


Weekend with friends

I’m off to weekend with friends :D I look forward to spending some days with Benedicte and her family.

Tomorrow we’re gathering for the yearly meeting in this county’s branch of The Norwegian seamen’s church. Both me and B is in this local board. On Sunday we’ll celebrate service together in her church :D I think that will be great too!

church church
Images from The Norwegian seamen’s church in New York.
Inside and view from the rooftop.

*Happy weekend!*

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