Back home

After a wonderful weekend together with Benedicte & co, I’m back home! Just got here in fact (and did not hit any harts on the way this time either, thank God.) Now I’m going to bed; will tell more about this day later on, after some sleep 😀

Good night!

This day went quickely!

I didn’t get out of bed so early, but after it seems like there has been things to do nearly all day. At 11 am we went down to the building where the meeting should be held. Benedicte was in charge of opening the door for the food delivery. I think we both thought that this was it, that we should do some shopping on the way back up to her house and even have time to drink some coffee before we had to return to help set the table. But there was no time; instead we had to hurry back to the building and set the table for the dinner.

After we made a quick trip to get the groceries we forgot earlier and bought some ice to surprise her husband and children (they played/worked) in the garden of the house they usually live in. (Permanently, this year, they can’t live there because of major renovation of the house now they live in a tiny little flat; not to happy about the arrangement) Sadly we had no time to talk with them, instead we left for their flat to make cake for the meeting later on. It turned out not as good as usually when it got burned in the bottom – but I brought it down anyway (that was many hours later, by the way).

We had some minutes to chill out on the sofa, but not long after we got ready to return for the meeting. There it seemed like no one was in charge of warming the food and prepare for serving it – so it became our job. The meeting was ok, I had to pay attention because later I’ll write about it for the local board. But Benedicte almost fall asleep; not because she was bored though, just terrible tired.

The meeting lasted longer than we had expected, and we had so little time when we we went back for another changing of clothes and a little chat with her family. (And then there was the cake who needed topping…)

Needless to say: we were late for the big dinner when we returned. But we found some seat and smiled happy to each other. Now we just had to relax; no more duty tonight. We were wrong! Instead of an relaxing evening we got a busy evening. Going to and from the kitchen, serving dinner and coffee…

When we at 11 pm returned to her flat, we were both tired and a little frustrated of the lack of planning. But we also agreed on that it had been a fine happening too.

Now we try to recharge our batteries for the service tomorrow. So I probably should get some sleep right about now. Tomorrow is another busy day!

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😉

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