And down with them!

Today I got home to this:

I know that I only rent here (or rather my employer does and I pay him) – but I would have liked to be asked before they enter my 😉 garden and sawed down every tree, almost. Even the funny, but totally will-grown, apple tree. They let some tiny one stand again, but it just looks funny – so those I think I will saw down on my own later.

I know my neighbor has wanted this for a long time. He wants to see wide and some of the trees in my garden was blocking his view. I understand him, I do; but I also want some privacy. I don’t like that the only place for me to be outside and by my self – now is open and easy to spot from several locations down by the pier and waiting area (for the ferry).

The main thing that get to me is that no one thought about giving me a call. Asking what I thought, since I’m the one living here. It’s the same thing every time – the owner of this house just acts like they don’t have anyone living here. Or they don’t care…. Tomorrow I’ll phone them (again) and ask why that is!

On the bright side – my garden gets lots of lights now 😉

I love the sun!

*I’m so glad – the sun is shining today!* The last days has been pretty nice and warm, but this is the first day that the sun isn’t hiding behind some tiny clouds. 😀

I’m at work now, so better do some work-related thingy 😉 Just wanted to wish you happy Tuesday!! 😉

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