Forgot the camera :(


*Update*: found some of the same flowers in Beate’s garden, it was kind of dark when I took the photo; but hope you got the idea!

Today I was on the south side most of the day. Off course I didn’t get out of bed early enough, so I was kind of in hurry to reach the ferry. So I forgot the camera. :( I’ve been agry with my self more than one time about that. It has been a beautiful day and in the midle of the day I had over two hours with nothing to do (going home was out of the question since it takes 1 hour each way). Instead I drove my car to the place where my boss has his summer-house (or what I shall call it?? It’s the little farm he grew up on. A few years ago he built (or rather, still building :)) a new house, so now there are one old and one new house there). I hoped he didn’t mind me leaving my car there and wandering around for a while. It was so good to move :) I didn’t go far though, but a little bit here and a little bit there. It is such a beautiful place, so I wish I had my camera! Grrr… Maybe I’ll take some shots of the place later, but it won’t be from this day, sadly!

I really enjoyed the time-out from work. I even got time to do some, long overdue, car cleaning (inside). So it was with a smile on my face I meet the youths for our last class before the Confirmation service.

Now I’ve been home a while. And I’m not smiling anymore. In fact I’m kind of sad. More trees has been sawed down in my garden, I’m not sure what to do. But am thinking of mailing a letter to the City hall asking why they never bother to ask me about what’s happening in the place I LIVE. Grrrr and :( about that. Later this evening I am going to take some more photos, to document what’s happening. Right now they are falling down one after one. I don’t want this to be between my neighbor and me, it is not his fault that the City hall has given permission to cut down these trees. All he want is free sight all around…. Hopefully he’s not getting that, because I don’t want everyone to see me whenever I’m out in the garden, or when I’m in the summertime take off more clothes than it is pretty to get some sun on my body 😉 I do need some privacy to do that!

Well, enough of this, next time I’m out driving and walking I’ll bring the camera. That is a lesson learned the hard way. Because how can I show you the most beautiful dark blue flowers I found today? I want some of those for my garden – they was just my kind of flowers! 😀

Early Childhood Memories

Val was asking about what my earliest childhood memory was; it was funny to write down – so I thought I would make a blog of it here at LIME too. This is my story:

I think my first memory (that I’m certain of is my memory and nothing anybody has told me) is from the summer of 1974. (jepp; I’m old ;)) I had just gotten a baby brother and we was on our way moving to a city two hour or so from the farm I spent most of my childhood in. All the things was taken out of our home and into a big truck. It was so exciting watching it all. I think I was allowed to play around and think I remember jumping from the back of the truck and down to the ground. I was a real fathers-girl and enjoyed being involved in the moving with him (guess I was in the way, though..) :)

Then the big blow: I wasn’t allowed to ride the big truck with dad. Instead I had to ride in mum’s car. With her and my baby brother. I remember being so angry and so sad. I really gave my mother a hard time! 😛

So what is yours??

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