Just a little trip

blue flower

…that was what I had in mind yesterday; when I went up to a friend to help her printing out some pages of the songs for her daughters confirmation party this Sunday. I had already helped her type it and made a front page with pictures and flowers (I really had fun doing this :)). Now the time was to print it.


I accepted the invitation to eat dinner with them with joy, I like spending time with them all. Later I had some other things to take care off, or so I thought! I forgot that printing on nice paper with a decent look takes time 😀 So I was there until late night!


Good thing the sun shone longer than at my place (because of a little mountain blocking the sun here) – the food and company was of the good kind 😉

I even got some good pictures of one of my favorite blue spring flower; *BLÅVEIS* (if anyone knew the English name, please let me know!) :

blue flower

*Update: I learned the name, it’s: BLUE ANEMONE – sounds as beautiful as it is*

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