Got this note in the mail yesterday, seems like Hurtigruten will come to our little town tomorrow :D That can be fun!

They ask people to use the flags (like today) and there will be a market at the pier from 3 to 7 pm. No more sleepy town :) Hurtigruta is the route between Bergen and Nordkapp (almost all of Norway – along the coast that is) – there are several ships in the fleet and one of them is coming here tomorrow. I promise some picture ;)

I need some sleep to get ready for ship-watching tomorrow! Night!

The Proud Pastor :)

I’ve been back home for a little while, just jumping around reading little here and little there… Now I will take my coffee and go out in the sun for a while; I love this warm weather :) Soon(er or later) there will be rain again – so this I will enjoy!!

The service and all went well. The youths had cleaned up well too ;) I’m so proud of them! It is really funny to look at photo from last fall; they have changed so much! Now they are celebrating with family and friends and the flags are still waiving in the wind. Ah… life is good! (I’ll post some picture later).




In a few minutes I’m out the door. My neighbors have already gotten the flag out (and up). Soon I’ll meet 9 youths all dressed up; happy and nervous at the same time. My sermon is finished and their card is written. Now all that’s left is the service it self; and to dress the youths up in white – like they were the day they got baptized. Now they have chosen to stand by what their parents did when they were just babies. It’s an important day in more than one way! (Even though some of their main concern is how much they get in form of money gift…….) We’ve been through much in a year, both words and experience. Now it’s time to wish them all that good is, Gods Blessing and welcome back!

If you pray; please pray for these wonderful young people today! Thanks!

The weather is beautiful too! Such a lovely day!

*Have a good day!*

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