Today I’ll make it!


For the first time in, well, months (!) I will go up to bed and leave my computer alone BEFORE midnight 😆 I’m really proud of my self and must stop writing right now if I shall manage to acctually what I’m writing 😉

Wish you all a good night, when the time comes – and for some of you: have a good day!!


My plum tree just started blooming today 😀

Note to self 3

*When leaving your home, and shutting the door: Make sure you got the key in hand, for safe return!*

Grrr! Shut my self out of the house yesterday, before I even knew it I had shut it behind me on the way out; talking on the phone while leaving. It too a minute, then I realised: I have no key!! Not even to the car!

I was never in a real danger for not getting back in, though; I have a key at the office just in case of times like these (safely returned by now ;)). Because it’s sadly not the first time, and probably not the last either {sight}. But I had to burrow a key to get into the office and use some time to walk over – so I was mighty irritated with my self – again! Will I ever learn??

Hurtigruta 2

waiting boat

There was a big welcome for the boat M/S Lofoten when it got here. The boat has travelled the coast in many years, this year she has her’s 40 year celebration. Hurtigruten is a fleet of ships that travels north and south on our long coast. Often the boats visits the fjords and special places. It’s said to be The world’s most beautiful voyage. M/S Lofoten is not part of the fleet today, she’s retired. Now she cruises in our part of the coast (later this summer she’s heading up north for cruise there). You can read more about the fleet here!

This is the first time, at least for a very long time, that one of their boats have stopped at this little place. And stayed for a while too! We was even allowed to go inside and take a look:

inside view

The interior was classy and elegant, old ship style 😉 There was many places to sit out on one of the decks, watching as the boat sails along the coast or into a fjord. So now you know where your vacation is next year 😉

brass band playing

And the brass band played both as she came and when she went. There was even served food when the tourists come out of the boat :) They could choose between salmon and egg – sandwich and goat cheese – sandwich. Served by women in traditional costumes – BUNAD (sorry, no picture). A lot of people had found their way to the marked; and several things was on sale. A fun day for the town, and knowing the boat will return next monday; and a lot of mondays after that really made my day 😉

And the children had much fun dancing to the music played 😀 dancing

*See you next Monday M/S Lofoten* 😆

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