It’s almost impossible to understand it: *BUT THE SUN IS STILL SHINING!* From blue sky 😛 It has been some really good days here by the fjord. And it is so good walking to work and seeing all the flowers popping up and the trees sprouting their leafs and flowers.

Today I forgott all about my devotion at the place we call “Health center”; among other things there are several of this area’s old people who live in small apartments inside the building or out in some of the adjourning houses. Once a month I visit them, we read the Bible and sings, I have a devotion and we pray together. After there usually are coffee and waffls and other good stuff. 😉 It’s a very nice thing and I can’t believ I forgot :( Things like those I’m supposed to remember!! Good thing someone asked for me! I was only 10 minutes late, though. (It might be the weather who is to blame for my forgetting…….. hahahaha)

Hope I only remember to go back home soon; dinner-time :) And a little chill out before I’m off over the fjord to meet the local church consile.

By the way: Have I told you that the fjord is green??
It is!! (I’ll show you when I get home)
It’s such a beautiful color; emerald green 😀

*Take care!!*

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