My day….

This morning I had to rush out of the house; didn’t have time to write and tell you that I was so happy with the thought of spending the day with Benedicte and the girls.

Here is the headlines from our day: We went out and ate “lunch” in town, they showed me the new house they are moving into next weekend, we ate some ice cream and had some time in their flat before they drove me back to town to fetch my car who had been in the garage all day. Then they hurried home and made dinner, which I got to eat with them. 😀

The time went so fast, and I have had a great day together with friends, that’s for sure! Hope I didn’t leave you all tired and worn out! (Go to bed now girls!! ;))


Been using the better part of the evening watching the movie I bought at the gas station: “Jersy Girl” 😀 I love this kind off movies, can’t help myself…..and this one was good, at least that’s my opinion! Put a babe into the movie and I’m sure to love it 😉 One of my all time favorites are “Baby Boom” – so it’s about time there comes a baby into this household as well!! (Hoping soon :))

*Anyone knows good (and cheap..) places to download movies??* I have to see them on my computer anyhow. *Maybe some music too??* 😉
Legal, I might add….


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