Of sex and sacks….

It was wintertime in Norway. The roads was icy and slippery. My boss and the organist should drive to one of the churches on the south side of the fjord. Before he left home my boss put a sack with sand in the back of his car – to be on the safe side.

Then my boss drove to the house where the organist lived to pick him up. The organists wife was concerned about the drive and didn’t feel that the road was safe. But my boss tried to calm her down:

“*Don’t worry we have sex in the back seat!*”

“*Whaaat??*” she answered, and looked even more worried………..

Later this was known as the story about the pastor who didn’t know how to pronounce English in the right way. And the one who told the story… the organists wife, of course!

I learned it today, and it was my boss who told it to me 😀
And, in case you didn’t understand, the word my boss tried to use is spelled in this way: s-a-c-k-s. It gives you a totally new picture of what he really was talking about, don’t it??? 😉

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