Thanks 4

*) each day write down something you can give thanks for, a year from now you will have 365 great signs of Gods grace in you life!

This things made me thankful and happy today:

  • the beautiful sunshine this afternoon


When I first moved here three years ago, I thought there was not much traffic going in and out of the fjord. Boy was I wrong! There is all kinds of traffic going on. Big boats and small boats, oil tanks and cruise boats, to mention the majority. And then there are all those just cruising along with their little plastic boat, fishing or enjoying the sun 😉 I’ve seen some weird things, like the boat I saw today; have no idea what it does or carries – but funny looking, that it was for sure – look at that wheel: 😉


*What do you think??*

My brain is full…

I have this small devotions in the senior home (or something like that…), it’s nice, takes about an hour of my day and I feel like they appreciates me coming – and I do get coffee 😉

Unfortunately I do tend to forget this devotions and yesterday I was wondering if it was today. There are some people who make “church-coffee” after the devotion so they have to know about the date some days before. So I couldn’t remember and went to the center to see if there was any poster. It was not. And I thought that then nobody knows and we have to postpone it till next week. Okei by me.

Off course I got a call this morning. Asking if there was a devotion today, they had read the in a tiny pamphlet sent to all homes in the area. Yes, the very thing I had forgotten to check up on yesterday. Someone give me a remembering-pill or a full time secretary 😉

So off I go!
Have a good day everyone :)

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