there went another minute…

Just sitting here, reading a little, but mostly trying to get the time to pass by. I want Monday to come fast, with the visit of the mailman being the most important thing!

But now my eyes is going crizz-cross so I guess it’s time for bed. 4.15 am already. 30 hours to go…………


no photos so far…

Sadly the mailman choose this day to deliver mail late…. Usually it only takes one day to “travel” from Oslo and here. But not this week :( So now I have to wait until Monday before I get to see my boy!! If anyone have some patience to spare – send it my way ;)

My mom and dad have come for a visit, so I’m not alone and miserable, the weather is still GREAT and tonight we’ll join some friends for barbecue – so life is good.

But I am so curious; what does he look like??

I have a son

I can hardly believe it. But 10 minutes ago I got the phone I’ve been waiting for for so long time. She told me there was a little boy waiting for me in Etiophia. He is a 2 years and 3 months old. And his name is Tinsae. Tomorrow I’ll get some photos of him and papers that will tell me some more. She read a little for me over the phone and it seems like he’s a healthy boy with social skills. “Well build and strong”.

Since I was a little girl I have had the name ready for a boy (have no idea about what to call a girl, though, but who cares now?!) I want to name him after my grandfather on my mothers side, who was named Matteus (Matthew); I’ll twist it a little so it becomes Mathias (like how the hebrew wrote it). The name means A GIFT FROM GOD, and what other is this child!?!

From now my life will never be the same ever again, and I’m so happy :D
How am I going to get anything done today?????!

Off course there is still the possibility for me to say: no thanks, and I shall think about it seriously while reading the medical rapport tomorrow, but to be honest there is about 99 % chance I say: YES please :)


Tomorrow is Olsok – or St.Olaf’s day….. even though we are Lutheran we celebrate this day and remember how Christianity come to our land (even though some of his methods was a little bit ruff!) Actually there is two events for tomorrow. First a concert at the red church, then a service close by it – but a little bit out of the center and close to the fjord – out in Gods nature. Usually this is a good evening where even people seldom attending church can find their way. Tomorrow morning I’m going to write a sermon and find what songs to sing. Our cantor will join and help me lead the songs, that helps a lot!

Beautiful cruise ship sailing by, must stop and look for a minute…. It’s all shiny with all of it’s light, but to dark to get a descent photo!

I’m very curious about the concert. Don’t know who’s coming exactly, but know they are locals. I know my cantor will play some melodies and also that I shall sing a couple of songs. I love to sing. But lately (last three years) I have not been a member of any choir, so I’m a little bit out of practice. This makes me a bit nervous – but I guess it’s good to be that from time to time…..
Makes me focus :D

Well, it’s midnight and time for bed!! At least if I ever shall learn to get out of bed a little bit earlier ;)

Love and hugs!!

one of these days…

…. I have to get out of bed earlier!! Now I’m soon finished with my preparing for the funeral, but I have no time to sit around to enjoy some blog-readings. Must jump in the shower and get a little bit clean. And then I have to remember to get me some food and give the car some gas. Open the church, visit the office and pick up some stuff there. Go and have an devotion for the elderly people and then drive 55 kilometer to then church where the funeral is held. Puh!

But if I only could get up early (maybe not as early as Deb, though ;)). So could I have enjoyed my cup of coffee I might not have time to even make today.

Off I go! Have a wonderful day everyone :D

tourist – how we love them ;)

Today I was on the south side, had a little devotion with some elderly people ;)
On my way back, trying to drive safe because of the car being a little bit unwell….., I was so glad because I would reach the ferry at 12:30 pm after all.

But that was before I run in to a German* “we are on vacation”-car.

I lost the ferry with less than one – 1 – minute!!

I was so angry there for a little while. I guess they didn’t care what ferry they were on – but I was at work!

*just to be fair to the Germans, I would have been just as angry if it was a Norwegian or a Danish car or whatever..