I love it when the service first starts at 4 pm! 😉 So today I was in bed until 10 am, that’s something I can get used to!

Mom and dad followed me to church and we had a nice drive in to the red church. We used their car since mine only takes one passenger at the moment…. Anyway the trip takes one and a half hour each way so it’s kind of like a journey 😉 On narrow roads in and out of small fjord-arms, with goat and sheep crossing the road and even the view of a cruise boat sailing by….. I like to drive there, but not so much in winter when it’s icy!

When we got back we ate our dinner out at a bistro; the easiest way to make dinner! The food was so good, I had a kebab-plate with an incredible good garlic dressing. In a little while we’re having ice cream for dessert here at home!!

One funny thing about the red church, though! It has the fewest members of all the churches in the area, but still, there is seldom few people in church. Today over 15 % of the population was there!! Elsewhere in Norway 4-5 % is huge…. 😀

A good day

It’s been a good day out in the sun, just doing nothing (mostly). Read the newspaper and trying to slow a hard Sudoku. I have loved it. Now it’s 1 am and I’m heading for bed. My mum and dad has come to stay for a few days, nice with company and there might be some helping hands in the garden as well 😉

Sunday I have no service in the morning, but one in the afternoon in the red church. Hope the weather will hold at least until then. The forecast said rain….. And it’s looking kind of moist outside 😮

Wish you all a good summerday or -night!
God Bless!

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