Nightly thoughts….

Like the last nights I’m still up and the clock is soon 2 am. I find it hard to turn in while summer, I so much more enjoy staying up and talking (or watch a movie…). Tonight me and dad have had a real talk about the farm, and how things will be now that he has retired as a teacher. He’ll still be a farmer, but is afraid that he can’t make to much money on it. If he earns to much he will loose some of his retirement pay, and that is not a good thing. So in a year or so I might have taken over the farm (on paper and the money-bit, both expenses and income…) – but I’m keeping him working there 😉 Because I’m in no way ready for leaving this little town right now. When I will be I don’t know now, but I think I will know when ready!

The farm is not big, and there is no way I can live of the income as it is now. That is my major concern and has been for quite some time. Now I’m wondering how I can raise the income, so I actually can live of it. I think I need some kind of product, some kind of speciality. Something that you can get only there, and which people are willing to pay me for. Not sure what that would be right now, but originally there was farm animal there and it has been a farm for many year. There also is some great old rooms/house to either “entertain” or rent out to tourist or such……………….

Any suggestion? (Other than: go to bed?!?!)
Night, night!

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