I’m sad

I’m sad –
Because the world that I love so much, and the people that inhabit it, has suffered a new loss to terrorism. My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this!

I’m sad –
Because someone thinks that a life is not as important as it is to make a point. It is true that we act like some lifes is more important than others, maybe also in choices I make or my nation make. But not like this planned and timed attack to get as many casualties as possible.

I’m sad –
Because of this terrorism in London the G8 meeting might not be able to make any decision concerning the poor countries of this world. The focus has shifted. London over Africa. Terrorism over poverty.

God bless our world, give strenght to those affected and make our leaders wise!

My day – for real!

I remember standing in front of the teacher in the class room when enrolling for school. I had memorized my birth date and knew it by heart, but was still so worried for getting it wrong… I so wanted to make an impression from the start 😀

I got it right!

zero-seven zero-seven nigh-teen seventy-something

It’s a good day 😉

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