a little bit of rain

…it have to come, sooner or later, that little bit of rain. It has lurked east of us since early afternoon. I was sitting outside, reading, looking at the beautiful rainbow and enjoying the still weather when a few drops started to fall on my head.

After another beautiful day, I won’t cry. And now I even got time to update my photoblog, so yeay 😀

Have a good one!!

And thanks to Torunn (I’m guessing!) the popcorn hanging on my door tonight really made me smile! And it was good 😉 No more burnt foot!!

a stupid thing to do

Yesterday I wanted some popcorn to go with the movie (The Truman Show). So I went out to the kitchen, put on a pot, poured in some oil and left it to heat up. First then I discovered that I had rarely any corn left to make popcorn from. But I decided to pop those that where there. So off course there was too much oil. I did knew that; but I forgot!

After a little while the popping stopped and I turned the pot over to empty it into a bowl, without thinking; with the result that it splashed all over and also on my bare foot. It didn’t hurt at once, but after a little while it did!! Ouch! :(

So today I have red spots on my foot, they are sore but doesn’t hurt now. I’m so glad I remember to put it under running water for a little while (of course then I forgot the pot on my bench top, so now there is a brown ring there…….. but rather that than my foot hurting still)

Now I stay away from hot oil for a while, and keep my feet out of trouble!! 😉

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