it came!

Today, with the mail, I got the message I’ve been waiting for so long. On September 2nd, Friday, my case will be heard before a judge in Ethiopia (not sure if this is the right way to put it in English, but any how…). This means that in a little more than a month I can go down there and bring home my son. I can hardly sit still in my chair typing this – I’m so happy and a little bit overwhelmed. Now I have all this things to prepare! And some calls to make.

Yippi! This is a good day :D

But hard to get any real job done at work, though…

1 year!

Today my blog is ONE -1- year old!
I can’t believe I’ve been out here for so long, but I have!!

Off course I started out with a Blogger-account, this is how it kind of looked when I left it in Marsh and moved to my present location (I see that the lime-template is gone, so it looks kind of stupid, but anyhow…). Now I blog with WordPress and can’t even imagining going back to Blogger ever again.

I’ve met so many wonderful people during this year of blogging, and even made a few new friends :D. I’m here to stay!

Here you can read my very first post, written at 9:30 pm August 31th, 2004.

and good morning to you…

Since I overslept this morning (yes, I knew I would regret my late night!) – I’m not taking any risks tonight. Can’t get late to work a second day in row!!!!

Last week I had a short vacation. On vacation I usually goes to bed at around 2 am – and sleeps until.., well, sometimes pm(!), but at least 10 or 11 am. It’s hard to get into another schedule, yet there are no one jumping up and down in my bed or screaming for me to get up. It’s only me. And when I turn of the alarm clock and turn over, I’m going to oversleep……

See you tomorrow morning :D
Thanks for comments I’ve got on earlier posts, will get back to you as soon as possible, I hope!

here we go again..

Oh, well, I could not resist staying up late one more night!
Have been reading blogs and looking at photos and group pools at Flicker, and more; so: much fun! But now my eyes are kriss-crossed.
Must sleep now! See you later :D

Boy will I regret this in the morning….

another day goes by..

This has been a day with little productive going on….
I slept longer than I needed and the rest of the day has been just as slow ;)

Well, I did wash some laundry – but has yet to hang it up (if I ever want it to dry!)

I’ve also done some changes on my blog and searched for a new theme, but haven’t done much more that that….and I know there is some work needed to keep the stuff in the sidebar if I want another theme (AND I do!), in other words –> I need another slow day to make that happen! And a photo for the heading :D Time will show ;)

If you have a theme to suggest for me I’ll appreciate it!

I’ve also uploaded some photos to eurofoto in the hope of getting some hard copies of my favorite photos! Have ordered some and are curious about how they will look!

Now I have some more laundry to attend to and then: night, night.
Tomorrow is the first of some really busy days!

rain and no rain….

This morning (or something) we had a big service outdoors. I’ll try to tell you more about the place we where in tomorrow, just want to mention one funny (and good) thing.

This day has been gray, with a lot of rain showers. Some really heavy. But during our outdoor service. There. Was. No. Rain. Not a single drop, during the one and a half hour the service lasted! It was fantastic and amazing, and we did feel blessed.

This is the Sunday for thanksgiving (my translation…) today, it became a whole lot of easier :)

back home

I’m back home! It took me some time and I’m still tired and kind of “out-of-it”…. will tell more later when I’m more awake ;)
Sorry for not participating my self in FFAF – and writing post on others blogs yesterday – but there was just not time since I visited my brother and family before leaving eastern Norway behind. Had a wonderful day and a long night driving (and waiting, for the ferry…)

Thanks to valerie for good advice!

the photo is of me waiting for the ferry this morning, a little bit tired..

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