So now I become photographer for the local newspaper 😉 Have to run out and take some photos of the church, they want a photo to illustrate a poem and didn’t have any to choose from. Wonder if I can get a shot they’ll approve of….?!?


It’s hard to concentrate on work these days, my thoughts go other places 😉

Today the weather is gray, but it’s ok, we’ve had some really beautiful days the last couple of weeks. No night over 20 C, though, so it’s not warm when the sun sets. It has been some busy days with visits and guest at home. My parents are still here. In a few hours we’re going for a short visit to one of my friends from Gudbrandsdalen, where I was pastor before I got her. We usually see each other in the summertime since she’s here to see to her mother. It shall be nice to show her the photos this time! :)

This weekend I might even get a visit from my brother and his family. They’ve never been her, and I hope they make it all the way. My sister in law is not strong on the travel-bit and their two wonderful children is not easy upon their parents when it comes to driving. “Are we there yet?” “I want to play soccer” “I don’t want to be in the car anymore” “I’m going to be sick” “Are we there now?” It usually starts right after they leave home 😀 Poor parents!

I still have to get the photos scanned, but haven’t gotten around to it. Even though I’m not allowed to put the photos out here, it’s ok to send them as attachment as far as I know…..

On Monday I made several photo-copies of the photos, both for my self and to give close friends and family. It wasn’t cheap 😮 I want to make some cards out of them, but haven’t gotten around to it just yet.


My car is cured!

After waiting all day and paying a lot of money :( I can now drive my car through all the potholes in the road without worrying too much. What a relief!!

I do love my car 😉

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