Sunday Quote

okei… so now I’m tired, should have made that cup of coffee before I left for church….. But I’ll drink many of them later….. 😉

Today the text is the Story of the Pharisee and Tax Collector, it’s one of my favorites where Jesus point out that there is a difference in the way we approach God. The Pharisee told God about how good he was at everything, like he was searching for a job…. The Tax Collector did not, mostly because he wasn’t that good about everything. He had just one thing to say:

‘O God, be merciful to me, for I am a sinner.’

The Tax Collector did tell the truth about him self, but he also told the truth about God. God doesn’t want to hear all the good stuff in our life, no matter how much or little there is. Not because isn’t good or necessary to do good to others, but because God first wants to meet us and forgive us for any wrongdoing in our life. And that is when we tell the truth about our selfs. Not only the good, but also the bad…….. Only then we can be forgiven, only then he throws our sins far, far away. Only then we can lift our head and say thanks with great joy!!

Happy, forgiven Sunday!

they are coming!

Now it’s for sure, my brother and family is coming – TONIGHT! Instead of camping on the way like they planned, everything is going so good that they will drive all the way tonight. It will be another hour and a half before they get here, at 3 am or something like that!!!

I so look forward to this!! 😀
Just wonder if I shall get me some sleep before they get her…. it’s kind of late…

They have arrived! It’s 4 am real soon, I got service tomorrow so off to bed I go!

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