It’s already Saturday (but only by one hour) and I haven’t told you about my great Wednesday experience yet. Well I’ll try to keep it short, because I must go to bed real soon!!

I started my day at Benedicte’s, since I slept over from Tuesday. It is so nice to have breakfast with a family like that so I stayed far to long! After over an hour more than planned I was finally heading back home. Off course my colleague had a meeting and I was so late that we had to close the office for an hour in the middle of the day. Not that there was much traffic, but still, not to good…. Sadly I had forgotten of the meeting, or rather never read when the meeting should be held, to bad because there was a note I should have sent them. They wasn’t happy about it and I have to do it later.

Then I spent the rest of the day at the office, preparing for the concert, among other things. The concert should be held in the little white church on the south side of the fjord. With locals. They had made a really good program. My job was to say something in between, and I decided to tell something about the persons that wrote the music they had chosen to use in the concert. Then I also read a story of a Danish writer (a good one, shall see if it’s online, but not tonight…)

I spent a little time at home, eating and reading some blogs…
Then I got on the ferry at 6 pm. Didn’t know when the concert was supposed to start, but guessed not before 7 pm. I was right. It started 8 pm. 😉 That gave me plenty of time to prepare some more! The concert was so beautiful – one hour with Bach and Handel, know and unknown, new and old. They played real good as well, Nina on the trumpet and Anders on the keyboard. It was great fun to sing with them on a well-known song as well. A good night!

And on the way home I meet Queen Elisabeth 2; as if my day hadn’t been good enough. It was a little bit late for the great photos, but I got some decent enough.

Then I had a raise with the queen to the ferry. I won!! But I don’t think she ever knew there was a competition 😉 A funny thing happen at the pier when I was waiting to board the ferry, though. I guess it was about 10 minutes since the queen had passed out in the fjord. The ferry had connected itself to the pier and some of the cars had already driven on land. Then the ferry starts to rock like crazy, it was so strange to look at. The crow stopped the cars from driving on land while it lasted. I so wished I had a video camera! It was of course the waves from the queen, so now you can imagine how big she really is 😀

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