I did get out here 😀 This time with analog means, so everything is a bit slower than normal 😉
But I’m afraid in what kind of sevice I ordered…. :( didn’t mean to pay for more than the time I’m out here.. well, we’ll see I guess!

I got here early this morning. At 2:30 am to be exact. It was a long drive, but my stay at my friends in Vik was the main cause for the delay ;). (I used over 5 hours with them!) Most of the drive was in the dark. But most of the way the moon shone and maid the night so much lighter!

The wedding yesterday was so beautiful, and so was the bride! I might try to upload a picture later on. I’m so glad to be there with them on their special day :)

Now we have had visit of my brother and family, so good to see them. The weather is not so sunny, but it’s nice and warm. Just like the summer shall be!

See you later, I’m going in to talk with my parents!

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