the prank on Grandma

He really had some fun, my nephew, when he was out by him self yesterday. The whole family was here for dinner and I guess he needed some air and went out alone for a while.
We thought he was picking berries or something. But, no, he was doing more fun business ;)
He planted fungus in Grandma’s flowers!
And she used some time wondering how it got there before the prank was discovered! :lol:

It really looks like the fungus has been there all along, now don’t it? ;)

blue paint

Last week I went to town to buy, among other things, paint to the church’s new children/youth-room. It took lot longer time than I planned!

He should just mix in the color for the paint and then shake it good before I could get it. He forgot to tie down the box before the machine started shaking. The result?


Poor guy, no early leave from work that day….. :lol:


A strange thing about being on vacation: the days are running away from me…. I always think that when I finally take some days off I will have time to do this and that.

I never do!

All the time just dissappears, and I’m sitting here thinking: what have I done the last couple of days ;)

I’ve done much of one thing, though.
I’ve been with family, and that is time well spent!!

But still, so much things to sort out and clean….

Need some sleep now :D

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