Parenting tips from a non-parent?

I’m not a mother, nor do I ever plan on becoming one, but now that I’ve been out of the virtual hell known as adolescence for awhile, I can say that, while your child may not always like the choices you make for her, she’ll understand them better when she gets older.

She’ll also realize that you don’t know everything – even if you claim differently – so stay on the up-and-up about that. Being stubborn won’t get you anywhere. Being understanding will.

Good luck with your new baby! I hope you get to meet her soon!

Daria, the Diner Bitch


Oh what joys! First I am so happy for you, second… good luck. The age two is stressful. LOL. My daughter is going to be three soon and I can not wait. The terrible two’s really got to me with her. My son was not that bad, good thing he wasn’t or I would have stopped at one.

Patience is my best advice and watch what you say or do. Little ears and eyes absorbe so much. Best wishes.

Irish Breen

good advice?

Good advice is hard to come by… let’s see what I can come up with on short notice 😉

Take lots of pictures, as he grows your brain will have a hard time remembering him being so little.

Always have some cold and headache/fever reducer medicine on hand.

This won’t apply to you getting a 2 year old, but don’t give them a pacifier unless you have to.

Let them do the things they enjoy, don’t force trucks as toys because he’s a boy or don’t force dolls if you’ve a girl.

From the moment they’re born, children struggle to become independent individuals. Encourage that, but don’t force it.

I’ll have to think of more later :)


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