another day goes by..

This has been a day with little productive going on….
I slept longer than I needed and the rest of the day has been just as slow 😉

Well, I did wash some laundry – but has yet to hang it up (if I ever want it to dry!)

I’ve also done some changes on my blog and searched for a new theme, but haven’t done much more that that….and I know there is some work needed to keep the stuff in the sidebar if I want another theme (AND I do!), in other words –> I need another slow day to make that happen! And a photo for the heading 😀 Time will show 😉

If you have a theme to suggest for me I’ll appreciate it!

I’ve also uploaded some photos to eurofoto in the hope of getting some hard copies of my favorite photos! Have ordered some and are curious about how they will look!

Now I have some more laundry to attend to and then: night, night.
Tomorrow is the first of some really busy days!

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