it came!

Today, with the mail, I got the message I’ve been waiting for so long. On September 2nd, Friday, my case will be heard before a judge in Ethiopia (not sure if this is the right way to put it in English, but any how…). This means that in a little more than a month I can go down there and bring home my son. I can hardly sit still in my chair typing this – I’m so happy and a little bit overwhelmed. Now I have all this things to prepare! And some calls to make.

Yippi! This is a good day 😀

But hard to get any real job done at work, though…

1 year!

Today my blog is ONE -1- year old!
I can’t believe I’ve been out here for so long, but I have!!

Off course I started out with a Blogger-account, this is how it kind of looked when I left it in Marsh and moved to my present location (I see that the lime-template is gone, so it looks kind of stupid, but anyhow…). Now I blog with WordPress and can’t even imagining going back to Blogger ever again.

I’ve met so many wonderful people during this year of blogging, and even made a few new friends :D. I’m here to stay!

Here you can read my very first post, written at 9:30 pm August 31th, 2004.

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