it came!

Today, with the mail, I got the message I’ve been waiting for so long. On September 2nd, Friday, my case will be heard before a judge in Ethiopia (not sure if this is the right way to put it in English, but any how…). This means that in a little more than a month I can go down there and bring home my son. I can hardly sit still in my chair typing this – I’m so happy and a little bit overwhelmed. Now I have all this things to prepare! And some calls to make.

Yippi! This is a good day 😀

But hard to get any real job done at work, though…

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2 thoughts on “it came!

  1. anneberit says:

    I’m excited too!!
    Can barely sit still and talks like a waterfall (my friend, Siv, just told me, and the she laughed 😉 ) – earlier I was asked about my phone numer and it took me a minute to remember… blah! Big time trouble with focus, here I come 😉 Will this last long??!


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