just a quick ramble…

The boss is out until Monday, the sun is shining, the weather is perfect, and I’m stuck inside, at a desk, with a keyboard attached to my fingers. ‘Spose I should be working instead of blogging, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Rather reminds me why I started skipping school all those years ago…

–Russ Stewart

pour some sugar on me

I wish we’d get fall weather here. It’s still warm enough to go swimming here in Tampa Bay. Or at least I hope it is, cause I’m taking clients swimming this afternoon in an outdoor pool. (They’re still open here.) Oh how I long for fall weather. Sweater weather.

So. Who said this, and in what movie?

I mean, food’s cool and all. It tastes good and you need it to live, but the mere act of eating involves thoughts of digestion, flatulation, defecation, even, shall we say, complexion defection.

Oh. And I’m Luka and you can ffaf on my blog too! :)

Holiday Dreaming

I just can not wait to put my little ones in their get up this year. Children are so precious and I can tell you that the day I first held my son was the day my life was changed forever. There is so much love and it’s unconditional. Congrats!


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