just a quick ramble…

The boss is out until Monday, the sun is shining, the weather is perfect, and I’m stuck inside, at a desk, with a keyboard attached to my fingers. ‘Spose I should be working instead of blogging, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Rather reminds me why I started skipping school all those years ago…

–Russ Stewart

pour some sugar on me

I wish we’d get fall weather here. It’s still warm enough to go swimming here in Tampa Bay. Or at least I hope it is, cause I’m taking clients swimming this afternoon in an outdoor pool. (They’re still open here.) Oh how I long for fall weather. Sweater weather.

So. Who said this, and in what movie?

I mean, food’s cool and all. It tastes good and you need it to live, but the mere act of eating involves thoughts of digestion, flatulation, defecation, even, shall we say, complexion defection.

Oh. And I’m Luka and you can ffaf on my blog too! :)

ffffffreezing fffffreee fffor allll

so here in milwaukee, winter seems to be over anxious, and skipped in line ahead of fall. it went from “hey.. lets have all the windows open and all the fans on to cool down the house” to “AAAARG hand me another blanket… and another.. and another!” and while wisconsin usually gets cold, it does get colder in places further north. yes.. that much is true. but wisconsinites tend to be pretty hard-core when it comes to being able to survive in winter weather. but the other day i was out to eat with a friend and i saw two, yes TWO, people in winter coats! i turned to my friend and was like “uhh.. what month is it?” “september” “ok. just checkin’.” and i guess the funniest part of that was that one of the girls in the winter coats, was wearing flip-flops! *shakes head* i just don’t understand people.

hope everyone has a fantastic fall/winter (or spring, if you are in the southern hemisphere). tray signing off. (btw. go free-for-all-it on everymoment.org!)

Hello, October, nice to meet you

Well October is tomorrow… well, in two days for me, tomorrow for you. I like fall, when it is actually fall and not summer and not winter.

The leaves on the trees change and the weather is more bearable. There are many parties in the fall it seems. Everyone wants to get together for a bonfire or a hayride. Those are always fun but hard to do when you’ve got a little kid. But time will pass too soon…


Still here ;)

And my days goes by so quickly and it’s no broadband at my parents, so: less www. Miss it sometimes, but are enjoying getting ready for my journey and being with family too :D

Today we’ve had visits of my cousins wives and their children, my grandmother came as well. Soo nice too meat them. Think I haven’t seen them for over 1,5 years. Good to catch up and talk some.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get the house I’m staying in in order (when December comes me and the boy are going to stay there) and in the evening I’ll pack my suitcases for Ethiopia! :lol: I’m also going to paint more on the bed my son shall lay in when here. My mom painted it white and brown for my brother, now I paint it blue and something else (will try to make my own mix, thinking some kind of purple – but it might get green ;)). I do love blue, everything I touch becomes that lately…

Soon I’m going to bed, just want to check my email and maybe read some of post on my favorite list. Sorry for not keeping up with you this week (….and the next two..)

By the way, did you know it’s the angels day??? See my post from last year :Dhere.


I’m at my parents now, jumping out here on my old laptop (that doesn’t function all that well…) I got here around 7:30 last night, but are still tired and my head hurts. The plan was to take the train. I love to journey with train.

Instead I had to take bus. Because the railroad was closed due to some big repare. I don’t like travelling with bus! But there was not much else to do. Grr.

Now it’s time for some food. Sorry for no update on the today, but I can’t put my photos here :( (Hope I can fix it before the end of this week!)

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