A blah day..

I woke up this morning with an headache, at 10:30 am.

Oh, yea, I overslept – big time! Not a good way to start the day either….

When I arrived at work I found that I had forgotten my cell phone at home, and had to go back home to fetch it. Not that it was so long, but still. I tried to drink a lot of water, sometimes that help – but not today. So at 2 pm I gave up and went home.

Most of the afternoon I’ve spent on the couch, trying to get some rest and get rid of the headache. Now I’m up and about, trying to do some of the things that I had planned to do. Not feeling good as new yet, but have some hope for tomorrow. I only have two days left at work, one of these days I have to work real hard 😉

Tuesday is my weekly TV-day, so that is at least a good thing and I have no energy to do much other stuff anyway.

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