St. Lucia


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On this day school and kindergarten in Norway are going with lights and singing the song of Santa Lucia. Before the weekend they baked buns called Lussekatter and in the morning they give it to those they sing for and eat themselves as well. It is a day for light – about light being stronger than darkness. In early time one thought this was the darkest day there was. They was a week early, but still it is good to light our candles and sing the darkness away. The girl who gave the day it’s name was a Italian christian who put her own life in danger to help others. She carried food to those who had to flee from persecution and since she had no room for light in her hands she made a wreath and placed her lights in her hair. Happy Lucia-day!

>>>more about St. Lucia<<<

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3 thoughts on “St. Lucia

  1. rich says:

    Very, very interesting. I remember bits and pieces of St. Lucia’s story from my childhood…not much actually. So, thanks for filling me in!

    St. Lucia’s story sounds so similar to those of other Virgin Martyrs through out history. I am at once appalled by their brutal treatment at the hands of other men (usually those who want to possess them) and impressed by their bravery. Often the miracles that are purported to have occurred are difficult to believe…but then again, who knows. But that is insignificant to the example they leave. That is the power of their faith in God. Their conviction to stand up for virtue and what is right. And, in St. Lucia’s case, also her generosity.

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