he’s been busy..

…my son. Sneaking out of bed in the morning when mummy’s still asleep. Enjoying the time spent alone downstairs, with no one to tell him what to do; or what not to do. Some mornings he has been good, but most of them there is something he’s not supposed to do… The two worst mornings was Sunday and today, Tuesday. Oh, my now I really got to take a good look around before heading for bed in the evenings and I might do what I said; put a bell on him….

I woke up to him coming into the room and jumping on my bed to give me a hug. I discovered he was moist on his clothes from something and assumed he had played with the wather in the bathroom. He hadn’t. When I got out of bed I saw that the stain he had left on the bedclothing was yellowish. More a moment I thought he had thrown up. But after a smell I knew it was Sana-sol. I went downstairs in that very same minute, after giving MT an order to take of his clothes and throw them into the washing machine.

Downstairs I found the “leftover” from his meal. A package of socciges on the couch, still unopened. A halfeaten bread on the table, looked like a big mouse had been there… and off course thick, sticky, yellow gu all over the couch. I was so angry and out of it that I compleatly forgot to take any photos. But thankfully I can throw the couch pillows in the washing machine; so they will be clean again. But, man, that’s some work I didn’t plan to do before spring, when I can hag them out to dry.

Adding to this the fridge was open and he had turned the stove on. The last part I really is the most scared about. But I hope he’ll remember it’s only for mummy to use, in the future. Off course he also had emptied his toy boxes, but that was what I expected…

As normal, these days, he got ino my bed to wake me up. It was time to get out bed for me as well, so I told him to go into the bathroom and take off the pj’s like he normally does. But then I felt something in the bed. It felt like sand or cookie crumble. I headed down stairs, worried he somehow had got the door up. But no. The room was filled (ok, not all over, but it felt like it!) with sugar. It was everywhere. In the chair, on the TV and on the floor. Off course I should have hidden that sugar bag better the night before, but still, I didn’t think he would poor it all out!!

That morning was spent wakuuming, trying to get the sugar up from the floor and everywhere else. Grr… It was not fun. As a punnishment he’s gotten no time to watch TV today. I don’t think if he understands that. But hope so. This can’t go on!!

I still hear sugar under my feets when walking in the livingroom, I guess I will hear it a long time….

Guess who’s going to hid away everything that’s messy tonight!!


Good night!

Now I’m handing in the towel, for today anyway…

My son’s been doing early mornings lately, so I better follow him on that (or else, more to clean up when I get out of bed my self)! To bad, I love this nights out here 😀

If anyone have some suggestion as to how my sidebar can be a little more…. Well, not so boring and square.. Please let me know. Especially do I miss like the output of the calendar!! I’m not at all happy with the theme there (but since I can’t write my own, I have to use what I think is at least half way there..) – but I love the colors and the photo; even though I might have to change that one after a bit and use some of my own photos…

WordPress is fun!! 😀

Fixed :D

Yay! Then that problem was taken care off. It was my permalink settings, I just wanted it to be default – but the default for some reason didn’t want to work… when I choosed one of the other options everything went back to normal!!

Then I can move over to more fun stuff: hacking my new theme… 😉 One of the first things is to do something about this smilies; can’t see why they have to be so big and take up so much space in a post. Then I have to go add stuff to my sidebar and move around on some of the stuff that’s already there…. But later; now food!! (jepp, got the son in bed but forgot to eat – had to figure out why my blog had bugs…) 😆

See you later!

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